Tuesday , September 19 2017
  • 68 % of healthcare providers satisfied with their job

    About 68 percent of healthcare providers in Bhutan are satisfied with their job, according to a survey conducted by the health ministry. The survey was conducted this year to measure staff satisfaction level and its associated factors in healthcare facilities in the country. Salary and incentives, supervisor, workload, faculty management and infrastructure; training and opportunities, and stress management were used to assess health staff satisfaction in the country.

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Influenza outbreak in Damphu Central School

More than 60 students have been isolated from the other students

Fifteen students of Damphu Central School in Tsirang tested positive for influenza A as of 4:30PM yesterday. This comes after more than 60 students fell sick and showed signs of influenza-like illness (ILI) since September 16. The students complained of headache, high fever and body ache accompanied by joint pain. Few students suffered from diarrhoea and vomiting and some reported mild fever.

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The general debate of the 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly begins today at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

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Picture story

After the festival, Indian construction workers immerse the statues of Lord Vishwakarma in the Thimchhu yesterday in Thimphu

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Community challenged to rear sheep in Bumthang

Sonam Lhamo often weaves yathra from imported wool

Choongphel chiwog in Bumthang used to be a sheep rearing community. Not any more. Farmers, who used to own flock of sheep, chose to rear cattle while the younger generations aren’t keen on keeping the practice going.

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  • Passing the buck at what cost?

    Ambulance service is at the forefront of healthcare services. That we see an average of two referrals every day from district health centres to the referral centres show that our ambulances are always on the move, providing critical service to the people. If we go by the recent figures, the frequency is even higher. With 3,268 patients referred by vehicle ambulance from January until August this year, ambulances transported at least 13 patients every day.

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  • Certainly, we could do better

  • Assessing the state of democracy

  • Make space for farmers