• Consolidation of govt. office constructions infeasible

    To decongest the core area in Thimphu, a taskforce has recommended that any new government office construction in Thimphu could be in Gamchey, Babesa. Gamchey has about 20 acres of land and the report stated that constructing the new offices there would also develop the peri-urban area. 

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Students practise for the National Day celebrations at the Centenary Park  in Thimphu yesterday

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DHI rationalises pay structure

The revision in pay and allowances of Druk Holding and Investments (DHI) and DHI-owned companies has thrown light on indiscriminate structuring of pay and allowances of both the state enterprises under finance ministry and the civil service. 

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Illegal roadside parking still rampant despite measures

Cars parked by the roadside

Parts of Thimphu are grappling with congestion due to roadside parking.The roadside parking is caused mainly by the lack of underground parking at buildings. Thromde requires the building owners to either provide proper parking space near the establishment or have underground parking. The rule, however, has suffered poor implementation.

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Defunct ultrasound, no doctor in Dagapela hospital

Dagapela hospital

It has been more than two months since the ultrasound machine in Dagapela hospital broke down. One of the residents, Lobzang, said that the ultrasound room was locked as no services relating to ultrasound were provided when he went to avail one yesterday. “Many people are awaiting the service, it has been a few months now.”

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Saving the Himalayan Monal

Himalayan Monal is one among 23 animals on the ‘totally protected animals list’ of Bhutan (Photo: Sonam Pelden)

Few days ago, the forest department wrote to the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) claiming that Himalayan monal, a sub-alpine pheasant species in the country have come under harm from poachers, mostly cooks and porters on trekking tours. 

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