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Nima Construction challenges ACC’s suspension order

The firm has submitted a petition to the High Court for an injunction

Judiciary: Nima Construction has challenged the Anti Corruption Commission’s (ACC) decision to suspend its contract license for two years as “arbitrary and unconstitutional.”

The contract firm, earlier this month, filed a petition with the High Court to issue a stay order against the license suspension order issued on June 23 by the Construction Development Board (CDB) of Works and Human Settlement Ministry [... Read More]

Joint technical field survey report endorsed

BorderDiplomacy: Delegations from Bhutan and China meet in Wutai Shan, Shanxi province in China for the 22nd round of boundary talks. (Photo: MoFA)

Border: Bhutan and China endorsed the report of a joint technical field survey of Bayul Pasamlung, at the 22nd round of boundary talks, which concluded on Friday.

The 22nd round of boundary talks took place in Wutai Shan, Shanxi province, China.

“The talks were held in a warm and friendly atmosphere, and the two sides took positive and constructive decisions towards the resolution of the boundary issue,” it was stated in a foreign affairs press [... Read More]

Developing a thromde

DTShongphu gup, Kinzang Wangdi informs the DT about people other dzongkhags running businesses in rented buildings at Rangjung and Methidrang towns

One essential step advised by the dzongkhag tshogdu is for residents to have their census moved

 DT: To develop Trashigang thromde, the dzongkhag will start advocating throm residents to move their census from the gewog to the throm, the sixth dzongkhag tshogdu (DT) resolved.

Most people running businesses in towns, like Rangjung and Methidrang, come from other gewogs and dzongkhags.  They prefer not to register their census under the thromde, which DT members claimed affected [... Read More]

Another arrow victim, this time in S/J

Archery: A 32-year-old man is recovering from an arrow injury in Guwahati hospital, after a compound bow’s arrow was removed from his right leg.

The incident happened in Samdrupjongkhar on July 26, when the man, a corporate employee, was practising with his friends for the upcoming Yangphel archery tournament to be held in Thimphu.

The doctor from Samdrupjongkhar hospital said, a CT scan showed that the arrow had gone through the calf muscles and come [... Read More]

Month’s preparation time pre superannuation

Those about to retire will be freed from regular duties to wind up their service

RCSC: The royal civil service commission (RCSC) has directed civil service agencies to free all superannuating civil servants from their regular duties a month before their superannuating date.

The decision, according to a notice on July 3, was made during the fourth commission meeting held on June 30.   The notification, which comes into effect from this month, states that, [... Read More]

Local leaders seek vehicle tax exemption

Mongar gups have decided to submit a proposal to Parliament for consideration

DT: Besides revision of land tax, local leaders in Mongar want the government to waive the green and sales taxes imposed on the import of utility vehicles.

They will submit a proposal to Parliament to do away with the taxes for local leaders.  This was decided during the dzongkhag tshogdu (DT) on July 24.

Tsakaling gup Karma Sonam Wangchuk raised the issue, saying that [... Read More]

Farmers secretive about herbicide use

Sarpang agriculture officials have reported the usage to the ministry and await directives

Agriculture: Farmers in Sarpang who have been using herbicide bought from across the border, have been restricted by dzongkhag agriculture officials.

The officials reported the matter the agriculture and forests ministry and are awaiting directives. If required, officials will carry out an investigation into the use of herbicide.

The name of the herbicide is not known since farmers have been secretive about it [... Read More]


Employable graduates

The government’s initiative of giving interest-free education loans will free many parents from the burden of finding resources to send their children for further studies.

Educating children is becoming expensive and competitive.  We often hear stories of parents selling land, heirlooms and even cattle to fund their children’s education, in the hope of a better prospect in life.  This zero percent education loan will provide economically disadvantaged students an opportunity to compete with their peers, who [... Read More]

Fighting with animals over food

wildlifeOn guard: From a shack overlooking his maize field in Pam, Namgay keeps watch

Zhemgang farmers wage a futile battle against marauding boars, bears, deer and etc.

Wildlife: By evening, an exhausted Kinley Namgay from Goling in Nangkhor, Zhemgang retreats to a bamboo hut in Wangdhar overlooking a sea of undulating paddy fields, glistening from fresh irrigation.

Kinley Namgay, 47, has just returned from strenuous paddy transplantation since 5am at Yumsowom.  Yet night beckons Kinley with an even more important task of guarding maize fields at Pam from wild [... Read More]

Picture story

A major landslide left over a hundred vehicles stranded below Lamperi until 2pm yesterday


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