Friday, March 27th, 2015 - 12:51 PM
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In remembrance of Nyikems’ past


The Royal Textile Museum hosts a display entitled “In the Service of our Kings”

Exhibition: With his bura marp kabney or red scarf swaying slightly with each step, Dasho Botokarp, aided by an attendant and a walking stick slowly shuffled along the stone slab courtyard of the Royal Textile Academy (RTA).

At 97, he is the second oldest surviving member of the Nyikem Gongzhu Tshogpa (retired red scarf recipients) after Dasho Penden Wangchuk born three years earlier than him in 1915.


Less than a week to reduce pollution

Some factories might not meet deadline and face possible shutdown

NEC: Pasakha and Bhalujhora industries in Phuentsholing have less than a week to reduce emissions and put control measures in place, according to the agreement they signed with the National Environment Commission secretariat (NECS) last November.

If the problem is not corrected, they will face being shut down.  Some companies will miss the deadline, given the progress of corrective works.


Nakha farm cooperative finally takes off

IMG_0256Farmers and agriculture officials plant potatoes on 20 acres of leased land

Agriculture: For the first time, farmers of Nakha village came together yesterday to plant potatoes on 20 acres of land at once.

The farmers were from 11 households in Nakha, Sephu gewog, which is about 98km away from Wangdue.  They belong to a farmer’s group, Samdrup Tshongley Detshen, which is the first to commercially produce potato on government lease land.

Although the villagers earn from cordyceps collection, Nakhu is among the least developed villages in Sephu with minimal land holdings.  Except for two households, who own about two acres of land, the remaining 18 own only about 30-50 decimals of land each.


Taps run dry in Rizor, Udzorong

Water: For the last three years, almost half of the 250 water taps built in Rizor chiwog in Udzorong, Trashigang have been running dry.

The taps were built in 2008 through the rural water supply scheme.  Water supply to Udzorong was disrupted, when pipes connected to the source at Namtaladrang had to be removed in 2012 to carry out widening works for Trashigang-Samdrupjongkhar highway.  With the work still in progress, the water pipes are yet to be restored.


Costly prank calls

Making anonymous prank calls is not a crime.  Most people do it once in a while.  The problem is when the wrong place is called for the wrong reasons.

Going by the record of prank or hoax calls the Health Help Centre received in a year, 200,000 calls, the centre set up in the capital city to help assist people in need is being misused.  There is fun and humour in prank or crank calling, but to call such an important centre for fun is not funny.


Changjiji open-air gym inaugurated

IMG_7052The health minister explains how the equipment works to an elderly woman

At the opening, the health minister urged the community to use and take care of the facility

NCD: With the opening of an open-air gym at Changjiji, the colony now has a complete set of facilities for all age groups.

To promote healthy lifestyle and help address the rising non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the city, the health ministry in collaboration with National Housing Development Corporation (NHDC) and financial support from the World Health Organisation (WHO), launched the first of its six open-air gyms at the Changjiji children’s park yesterday.


Stone-pelting patient treated then arrested

Crime: Following a complaint from the Health Help Centre (HHC), Changjiji police has detained a 34-year old man from Tsirang for pelting stones at an ambulance on March 25 near Hongtsho.

The incident took place around 11am after the ambulance picked the man from Dochula following an emergency call.  The man, a cook with Dochula café, was under the influence of alcohol and had fallen off a slope.  He had suffered cuts on his head.


Turning crises into opportunity

DSC_3698Project Manager Jigme Thinley explains the process involved in producing the egg trays

The lack of local egg trays and cost of a rehab program are met by a manufacturing unit 

YDF: Bhutan may not be importing eggs anymore but it continues to import egg trays from India.

To reduce the import of egg trays and hatch employment opportunities for youth, egg trays will now be produced at home with paper waste.

With HRH Princess Chimi Yangzom Wangchuck inaugurating the egg tray-manufacturing unit in Bjemina yesterday, the plant will start producing 720 egg trays an hour from about 47kg of paper.


Picture story

Strong winds blew off the roof of a traditional house in Udzorong, Trashigang on March 24


World Cup qualifier gives fillip to local league

IMG_6948-1New face: Thimphu FC’s Dan Ito at a practise session yesterday

New international signings expected to lift quality of football on offer

Yanmer-Thimphu: If the recent World Cup qualifying match at Changlimithang has rekindled the love for the beautiful game, local clubs will ensure that it continues.

The Thimphu A league has been recently renamed Yanmer Thimphu Premier League.  Prize money has increased manifold, and clubs are bringing in new coaches and players.

Thimphu FC, which was promoted from division B last year, had signed a new Italian coach, and has now hired two international players, a Japanese mid-fielder and a defender from Gambia.