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High Court convicts Chang Ugyen

The defendant was sentenced to a non-compoundable prison term of three years 

Verdict: In a packed courtroom of law students and observers, the High Court’s bench I yesterday partially reversed the trial court’s verdict and sentenced former royal advisory councilor to three years non-compoundable prison term.

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Bhutan’s first chopper lands

Aviation: In a historic development for the aviation industry in Bhutan, the country’s first helicopter sporting the country’s national flag, touched down at Paro international airport, yesterday.

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Eastern circuit still the least explored

Govt. optimistic that 20 percent of the total tourist arrivals visit the east by 2018

Tourism: The government’s pledge to make 20 percent of the tourists visit the eastern circuit by 2018 may take a while with many tour operators not promoting the eastern circuit.

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What about the others?

A hushed but prominent discussion outside the High Court yesterday after the appellate court sentenced the former Royal Advisory Councilor, Chang Ugyen, to three years in prison, was: what about the others?

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Bhutan, SDGs, and challenges

Prime Minister assured population and housing census will be carried out next year

Global Goals: Bhutan stands at interesting crossroads today. While it has achieved most of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

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Bhutan will meet MDG targets: PM

The unfulfilled targets will be pursued through sustainable development goals SDGs: The government will continue to work towards fulfilling the unmet Millennium Development Goal (MDG) targets the deadline for which ends this December.

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Heap of Jewels

In 2015, the Parliament carved out 1,356 acres of land in Paro as the Dzongkhag Thromde. The new town will include 500 acres of prime paddy land, stretching north of Bonday town,

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A library goes mobile for a day

A primary school initiated the programme to commemorate the 60th birth anniversary of The Fourth Druk Gyalpo

Education: In a modest celebration, Wangdue Primary School took more than 6,000 library books on wheels and offered a daylong reading service to people lacking access to library in Punakha and Wangdue, last week.

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