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DoR exploring measures to restore Dzongkhalum bridge

The damaged bridge at Dzongkhalum

The partially damaged bridge collapsed on July 24 following continuous landslides
Connectivity: A temporary bridge could be constructed over the Dzongkhalum stream in about three months to restore road connectivity, as construction of the same bridge that collapsed on July 24 would take about a year.

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Wading through monsoon

The past few days have been difficult and testing, particularly for the people in the south. As the monsoon continues to unleash its wrath, we are losing vital communication lines and increasing number of homes.

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Embracing the digital tsunami

Innovation and aspiration to develop smart nations to better citizen’s lives are key discussion topics
ConnectGov: Information technology is likely to grow at an exponential rate necessitating that  humanity and governments across the globe adapt to the change.

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Bumthang and Trongsa running out of fuel

Sale is being limited to a few litres in Bumthang to ensure the depots do not run out fuel

The fuel stations have put in place preventive measures for even distribution
Fuel: Fuel stations in Bumthang and Trongsa could run out of fuel with the existing stock expected to last only for a few more days.

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Scouts leadership training ends

Training: Scouts, the culture education division and the Office of the Gyalpoi Zimpon organised the 6th batch Leadership Training for 125 Scouts (62 Boys and 63 Girls) from 19 dzongkhags and four thromdes.

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Gelephu flooded

Of the 22 houses affected by the flood, 18 were located near the Gelephu border gate

Disaster: Following the swelling of the seasonal stream, the Setikharay, the occupants of 22 houses were evacuated to higher ground in Gelephu yesterday.

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RMA to invest in GoI securities

…to better manage the INR reserve
Reserve: The Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) is exploring avenues for investment in Government of India securities to maintain a stable exchange rate parity and better manage the INR reserve.

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Be rich enough to be happy

Hydropower: “Do we want Gross National Happiness and be the poorest country in the world?” ssked Dasho Chhewang Rinzin, managing director of Druk Green Power Corporation (DGPC) while speaking at a seminar titled “Powering Bhutan’s Future: The Path Ahead for Hydropower” in Thimphu on July 22.

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Four arrested for drug possession in Thimphu

Abandoned belongings lead to arrest of three for possessing controlled substances in two different incidents
Crime: A police team found a sack thrown under the flyover bridge in Changzamtok, Thimphu on July 23. The team found 912 capsules of Spasmoproxivon (SP), some clothes, and a citizenship identity card along with some documents in the sack. Later, police identified the sack owner and arrested a 30-year-old man from Olakha.

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Nganglam border gate reopened

Search for truck alleged to be involved in fatal accident continues
Border: While the situation has calmed, it has not normalised according to the Nganglam dungkhag administration following the protests in the border town of Dhawdara in relation to a July 19 accident that allegedly involved a Bhutanese truck.

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