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Anti-Corruption initiatives must come top-down

Bhutan Transparency Initiative’s National Corruption Barometer Survey has found that favouritism and nepotism in recruitment, promotion and transfer, misuse of public funds and facilities, and the deliberate delaying of decisions with twisted motives are the most prevalent forms of corruption in the country.

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Making a difference with one Ngultrum

Donation: The One Ngultrum initiative that is expected to help people recovering from renal failure disease is fast gaining popularity among people with many donating the note towards the cause.

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Gender gap in civil service closing fast: RCSC

Bhutan ranks 121st in the Global Gender Gap Index 2016 Gender: The gender gap in the civil service has narrowed over the years. The composition of women in the civil service increased to 35.32 percent from 29.5 percent in 2008. Last year, 34.5 percent of civil servants were women.

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Children above 5.5 years considered for PP admission

… but dependant on space availability Education: Just a few weeks after the National Council (NC) deliberated recommending to the education ministry to consider accepting children below six years of age for preprimary (PP), the ministry has reminded all schools to strictly comply with the existing admission policy.

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