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Looking ahead

Vacation is over. It’s time for school again.

As we look ahead from this season’s tail end, Shelley comes to mind. We are very much in the winter’s icy grip, but spring, the time of rebirth, regeneration and hope, isn’t far behind.

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Policing the potholes

Roads: If there is anything unique about the roads in Bhutan, it is the numerous potholes. While people have complained but nothing much was done until recently when a Facebook page called Bhutan Pothole Police was created.

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Economic growth could hit 10.2 percent: RMA

Debt level, however, increased by 42 percent

Report: Should the new hydropower construction and commissioning of ongoing hydropower projects ensue as scheduled, the country’s economic growth between this and the next fiscal year, is projected to grow at an average of 10.2 percent. This is according to the Royal Monetary Authority (RMA).

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