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Picture Story

International designers and models will participate in the Project Bhutan Season 6 – The Global Edition event tomorrow at Taj Tashi, Thimphu.

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Labour shortage affects agriculture sector

According to the latest agriculture reports, large movement of people from rural to urban centres is hurting the agriculture sector badly. Fifty-three percent of farming households faced labour shortage in 2016.

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Picture story

A total of 96 students from Thimphu schools attended the Gyalsey Nachung Camp from September 23- 26 at the Hongtsho Primary School. Themed ‘Success through synergy’, the camp is expected to support 11 and 12-year olds in their physical, mental and spiritual development.

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Guesthouse opens in Mongar for retired armed force personnel

The Office of the Gyaltshab started the operation of the Guesthouse of His Majesty’s Retired Armed Force Society in Mongar yesterday. The Guesthouse will provide free accommodation to retired armed force personnel and their immediate family members while visiting Mongar on medical treatments or during transits. Dining facilities will also be available on payment of minimal charges.

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Best diagnosis for better treatment

Diagnosing a person correctly is crucial for right treatment especially in cases involving trauma. This was discussed at the fourth biennial counselling conference in Thimphu yesterday.

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