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We hold all parties in equal esteem: DPT

How prepared is your party for the upcoming elections? We are fully prepared. Our manifesto is ready and we have all our 47 candidates in place.   What is the biggest challenge for your party this election? The biggest challenge for us would be to counter the baseless rumors that …

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PDP is its biggest competitor 

How prepared is your party for the upcoming elections? We are prepared and we are excited, but I also would like to say we are humbled that we have this opportunity to offer our services to Tsawa-Sum. We have a fantastic group of candidates. We have a good manifesto and …

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Picture story

Ugen Dorji dropped from 40th position to 59th on the second day of the golf competition (Photo- Phuntsho Gyaltshen)

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DPT president visits Haa

The DPT president introduces Bji-Kartsho-Uesu candidate Sonam Tobgay (standing) to the public at Gongzin Ugyen Dorji Central School yesterday

The Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) president, Pema Gyamtsho, met with the people of the Bji-Kartsho-Uesu constituency and members of the business community in Haa at the multi-purpose hall of Gongzin Ugyen Dorji Central School yesterday morning. People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) member Kinley Om represented the Bji-Kartsho-Uesu constituency from 2013 to …

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DNT in Punakha and Gasa

DNT president Lotey Tshering

It’s the second day of Druk Nyamrup Tshohpa’s (DNT) campaign. By 5:30 am, the party president, Lotay Tshering, accompanied by Lingmukha-Toedwang candidate, Tandi Dorji, is all ready to head towards the only district that he did not cover during his familiarisation tour. Driving on the narrow and rough road from …

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PDP woos voters in Tsirang and Dagana

Party president promised electric fence for everyone

The 100 units of free electricity and business tax waiver on rural businesses would be reinstated, if People’s Democratic Party (PDP) comes back to power, according to the president. The party president, Tshering Tobgay, clarified to the people of Tsirang and Dagana that these incentives are withdrawn with the end …

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DPT pledges

The manifesto was launched yesterday in Thimphu

Should it form the government, the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) pledges to make Bhutan economically self reliant by 2025.  The party manifesto was launched yesterday in Thimphu. “The politics of Bhutan must always be about raising the happiness of our people. This is exactly what our Manifesto sets out to …

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Bhutan-India relations at Litfest

Bhutan and India established formal diplomatic relationship in 1968

The first day of the Mountain Echoes Literary Festival on August 23 brought ambassadors of Bhutan and India – General V Namgyel and Jaideep Sarkar to talk about Bhutan-India relation. Bhutan and India established formal diplomatic relationship in 1968. Indian ambassador to Bhutan Jaideep Sarkar said that His Majesty the …

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Jackson Drukpa withdraws his case from SC

An aspiring political party found, Chheku Dukpa, also known as Jackson Drukpa, had withdrawn his petition to the Supreme Court on August 21. Just before the day of the hearing at the Supreme Court, the Druk Gaki Tshogpa founder requested the court to allow him to withdraw the appeal against …

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Are we gullible or rather too gullible? My hypothetical answer would be yes, going by our easy acceptance of the rampant use of the “Dasho” title. If this hypothetical answer is proven true, then gullibility could be one of the dominant social genes in our DNA, which may not be a compliment …

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BKP commits to redefine politics 

BKP candidates offer prayers at Dechenphug monastery

Rising out of the mist, majestic Dechenphug monastery glimmered in the golden rays of the Autumnal morning. The air hung heavy with dense fragrance of incense and the chanting of the monks in prayers to Genyen Jagpa Milan, one of the country’s chief deities. At 6am, more than a dozen Bhutan Kuen-Nyam …

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