Monday , February 8 2016
  • The-Fortress-of-Dug-Gye-Jong

    Drukyul’s victory rises to The Gyalsey

    Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay graced the at the courtyard of the ruins in Paro yesterday Upon a cold winter morning in Paro in 1905, John Claude White, a British Raj administrator and an accomplished photographer, gazed up from his camp and saw a monolith most exquisite piercing into the vast empyreal blue. He could not believe what he saw, the absolute grandeur of Bhutanese genius pressing down on him. The towering mountains far up north were crowned in white. For what appeared like a long while, White didn’t even blink. The English explorer had lost his speech.

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Latest News

Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen and Gyalsey in good health

People express their gratitude for the precious gift

Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen and His Royal Highness The Gyalsey are in perfect health under the devoted care of a professional medical team, a press release from the Royal Office of Media assured the people and well-wishers.

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29 babies born on 5/2/2016


Health: Coinciding with The Gyalsey’s birth, 29 babies were born in hospitals across the country on February 5.

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Bumthang celebrates The Gyalsey’s Birth


Celebrations: When his cellphone rang in the middle of the night on Friday, Chumey gup, Tandin Phurba woke up wondering who would call him at such an odd hour. It was the dzongdag, at 3am from Bumthang.

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A New Era is Born


 Bhutan welcomes The Gyalsey

“I am deeply pleased to announce that Jetsun and I look forward to the birth of our son in the coming Losar… I take this opportunity to offer prayers on this most propitious day, as a father, for my son.”

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The problem of plenty

Water: Bhutan is faced with the problem of abundant waters. While the country has one of the highest per capita water availability in the world, accessibility for various purposes is fast becoming a growing challenge. Experts formulating the National Integrated Water Resources Management Plan for the past 16 months say so.

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My Country, My Town

  • Toilet humour: A left-handed compliment is a welcome change from the usual gender discrimination. Photo by Sonam Tobgay
  • Role change: This defunct outdoor tap now serves as the next best thing: a soap-dish hanger. Photo by Tulsi Subba, Dagana
  • Passengers, please note: Please take your legs off before sliding into this front seat. Photo by Tashi Namgay
  • Down but not out: The lock on the door reveals that half a house is better than none. Photo by Jimba Dorji
  • A once-upon-a-time scooter: Two-wheeler that has been stripped of virtually all but its two wheels. Photo by Bidur Rai
  • Clocktower sans clock: You know what they say about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery. Photo by Ezoo Kee
  • In lieu of a hard hat: A TV in need of protection from falling debris at a construction site. Photo by Kumar Rai, Pasakha