Sunday , October 23 2016
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Jampa – Loving Kindness

Why we do what we do: The cultivation of four immeasurable thoughts or tshemed bzhi (ཚད་མེད་བཞི་) is a common Buddhist practice. The concept of the four thoughts of loving kindness (བྱམས་པ་), compassion (སྙིང་རྗེ་), appreciative joy (དགའ་བ་) and equanimity (བཏང་སྙོམས་) existed even before the Buddha but was taken up strongly by the Buddhists.

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Journalist accuses Chief Justice of prima facie

Judiciary: In a major development to the ongoing defamation case between an independent journalist and a businessman, the journalist in a letter written to the Prime Minister and all members of Parliament, has accused the Chief Justice of prima facie and is calling for an enquiry.

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Dealing with alcohol

Bhutanese have a complicated relationship with alcohol. It is so deeply rooted in our culture that even as we know that alcohol is behind most of the social vices we are grappling with today, we cannot pull ourselves to keep it at a distance.

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Serial burglar targets elderly

A man has been conning elderly victims with deceptive stories 

Crime: Police arrested a 31-year-old man on October 18 from Motithang in Thimphu for robbing a 62-year-old woman on September 30.

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Dead body identified

Crime: A traffic police officer in Olakha reported to the Thimphu police station that a body was found in a river near Pelkhil school at around 8am yesterday.

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