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Trashigang flood restoration works yet to begin

Safety last? With restoration works to rebuild the broken flood protection wall and other areas in town yet to begin, the children’s park in Trashigang town has become a risk prone area

Metal rods on either side of the flood protection wall remain exposed while pieces of the railings hang carelessly. These are some of the remains the flash flood of July 22 left behind in Trashing town. The children’s park that was covered in muck from the flood remains covered in dust today. Parts of the …

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Hoteliers in Trashigang disappointed with LPG distribution

Without the refills on the BIG cylinders, hoteliers and restaurant owners in Trashigang have resorted to using subsidised LPG cylinders

For almost seven months, restaurant owners and hoteliers in Trashigang have not received refills on their commercial liquid petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders. Supplied by the Bhutan Industrial Gas (BIG), the commercial gas has left many hoteliers disgruntled with its irregular service and exorbitant charges. After observing a shortage of subsidised …

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Trashigang’s oldest farm road in need of maintenance

For almost 57 years, the farm road towards Rangshikhar goenpa in Trashigang has not seen any major maintenance. Project DANTAK constructed the first 8km road in 1962. It was the first farm road in the dzongkhag then. Another 5km was constructed privately from the lhakhang until the goenpa 15 years …

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In Pictures: Trashigang Tshechu

  More 2,000 people gathered at the courtyard of Trashigang Dzong to witness the unfurling of Guru Rinpoche’s throngdrel on the third day of the annual tshechu. The four-day tshechu that began on November 15 will conclude today.

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Stalls attract more people than the Cham ju in Trashigang

The cham ju is performed as a final rehearsal of the masked dances without wearing the actual masks

A festive mood has embraced Trashigang town as people from across the dzongkhag has started to gather for the annual tshechu that began on November 15. Despite the gloomy weather, both young and old flocked the streets of the town as the final rehearsal (cham ju) was performed on November …

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Vendors unhappy with plot distribution for Trashigang tshechu

Shopkeepers prepare their stalls for the tshechu that begins today

As Trashigang prepares to welcome the return of its annual tshechu back in the courtyard of the 359-year-old dzong after four years today, the town is bustling in excitement. For more than a month, the dzongkhag’s monastic body has been preparing for the annual event that celebrates Guru Rinpoche’s extraordinary …

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Trashigang lifts moratorium on construction of houses

Trashigang town

With the moratorium on house construction in Trashigang town lifted, residents are hopeful that the housing shortage in the locality would now be addressed. However, the dzongkhag municipal office is yet to receive a formal letter from the ministry of works and human settlement, sanctioning the lift. Following the approval …

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Trashigang to replace its old water distribution network in town  

The water tank in Melphey 

In an effort to deliver uninterrupted, clean and safe drinking water to the town residents, works to substitute the existing water distribution network is going on in Trashigang. The dzongkhag’s four-decade-old water distribution network would be replaced in the next 18 months under the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) project to …

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