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A revamp of the civil service

The organisation development exercises will attempt to reform the performance management system

RCSC: Civil servants need to perform.  This is the message the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) is sending, as they study the overall civil service system, with an initial move to reform the performance management system (PMS) and the position classification system (PCS).

In a quick assessment the commission carried out, it was found that the average performance rating of the ten ministries, [... Read More]

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His Majesty the King granted an audience to an Indian delegation, led by the secretary for development partnership administration and economic relations of the ministry of external affairs of the Indian government, Sujata Mehta


Tunnels are future transport infrastructure

A training programme is ongoing with an eye on the shape of things to come

Roads: Considering the nature conservation mandate and the surface space constraints, tunnel roads could be the future of transport in the country.

“There are vast opportunities and scope this methodology of tunneling could afford us, in terms of creating and using the underground space,” economic affairs minister, Norbu Wangchuk, said.

He said, with strong nature preservation forces, including the provisions of [... Read More]

Penal code might need an update

To include such cyber crimes as the uploading and circulation of the ill-fated photo

Suicide: Police are trying to find out who circulated the photograph of two students in Bumthang, who took their own lives on the morning of September 11.

The photograph, which had some graphic details, went viral on social media like Wechat and Facebook a few hours after the incident, and some social media users were literally pleading with people to remove [... Read More]

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Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen inaugurated Bumthang dzongkhag court yesterday. The construction of the court was jointly funded by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and Austrian Development Cooperation.


Singapore’s APG pulls out of IT Park

It was a 70 percent stakeholder in the joint venture along with DHI

TTPL: While the government has allowed Assetz Property Group (APG) of Singapore, a 70 percent stakeholder of the IT park, to pull out of Bhutan, a transfer of shares is yet to take place.

The government waived foreign direct investment (FDI) requirements, such as a three-year lock-in period, and permitted APG to pull out in May.

APG had offered the government’s investment arm, [... Read More]


Victory over poverty

Going by the poverty assessment report, extreme poverty can be a thing of the past by 2036.  It sounds a long way off, but given that planned developments started only in the 1960s, it will be quite an achievement.

What is more commendable is that some Bhutanese will see the country eradicate extreme poverty in their generation.  The elder generation will vividly recall how they lost family members before the age of 50, how mothers or [... Read More]

Are the speed-breakers more of a hazard than a help?

DSC_3375Expressway: No longer a highway but part of city’s urban road network

Drivers and pedestrians are dubious about the changes; authorities, though, are sanguine

Expressway: An incident last weekend, along the expressway in the capital, where a cyclist went flying after hitting one of the newly installed speed breakers, which he failed to see, has left motorist and pedestrian questioning its safety while driving on the 6.2km stretch.

The cyclist, according to sources, landed on the roadside, after he hit the speed breaker and lost control.  He [... Read More]

Damchu-Chukha bypass inches towards completion

IMG_6391Commander task force, Satish Warrier explains the difficulty to Secretary Sujata Mehta

The 2014-end deadline for the project will spill over at least till June 2015

Road: If not all, at least the formation cutting of the much-awaited Damchu-Chukha bypass road will be completed by end of the current financial year, June 2015.

Project DANTAK’s chief engineer, brigadier KC Panchanathan, said that, although no commitments can be made on the exact date of completion, the team is rushing to at least meet cutting from the two sides.

After [... Read More]

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