Thursday , February 11 2016

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The Fire Male Monkey year

The country should brace for major fire incidents and untimely rainfall going by the prediction from the institute of astrology in Pangrizampa, Thimphu.

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Online public services get much deserved attention during the Sheep

Yearender/IT: A revitalized G2C (government to citizen) Office made our headlines throughout the year of the Sheep, and for the right reasons. The office, which now operates directly under the supervision of a tech saavy Prime Minister, has been busy churning out electronic public services at a more acceptable rate than previous years.

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Central school era begins in 2015

Yearender/Education: The wood female sheep year saw the beginning of a new era in education: the central school.

Communities and government agencies often locked horns either about the location of the central school or facilities provided.

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Bhutan reaches out to Nepal in time of need

Yearender/Foreign Affairs: Nepal was struck by a devastating earthquake in April and in an unprecedented show of support towards its neighbor, Bhutan contributed Nu 63 million (USD 1 million) for rehabilitation efforts there.

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Still labouring to create jobs

Yearender/Labour: The Wood Female Sheep year saw a flock of jobseekers, a total of about 23,180, registered at the online job portal system with the labour ministry.

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Crime rate drops in 2015

But the Sheep witnessed the most heinous crimes in the year

Yearender/Crime: Olakha residents woke up to the news of the murder of a 29-year-old man at Central Plaza in Lungtenphu, Thimphu, making it the first case of cold-blooded murder in the Sheep year.

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One down more to come

ECB is headed for a busy year ahead

Yearender/Election: It was a busy year for those engaged in elections in the year of the Sheep.

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Year of the Chopper

Yearender/Aviation: The highlight of the aviation sector in the year of the Sheep was undoubtedly the arrival of Bhutan’s first helicopter adorned in the colours of the national flag in November.

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The meaty slaughterhouse debate

Yearender/Meat: It is not clear whether or not the government had planned a slaughterhouse. What was crystal clear was it did lead to an intense debate almost throughout the year.

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A (baa)ad Sheep for the tourism sector

The debate on the tariff liberalization was the highlight of the year

Yearender/Tourism: Spring in Bhutan, characteristic of peak tourist arrivals, did not favour the tourism industry since the beginning of the Wood Female Sheep year.

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My Country, My Town

  • From work to play: If it’s got wheels, so goes kid’s logic, it’s got to be a ride! Photo by Karma Tenzin
  • Role change: This defunct outdoor tap now serves as the next best thing: a soap-dish hanger. Photo by Tulsi Subba, Dagana
  • Toilet humour: A left-handed compliment is a welcome change from the usual gender discrimination. Photo by Sonam Tobgay
  • Role change: This defunct outdoor tap now serves as the next best thing: a soap-dish hanger. Photo by Tulsi Subba, Dagana