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Accountant sentenced to 18 months prison term

Besides, the dungkhag court also asked him to restitute whatever money was embezzled from MoLHR within two months

Gelephu dungkhag court last week sentenced the former accountant of Serzhong Vocational Training Institute in Gelephu to a year and six-month prison term.

The accountant had misappropriated government funds and failed to remit whatever money was collected to the employees of the institute.

Fifty-seven-year-old Namgay Drukpa from Goshi in Dagana was accused of misappropriating about Nu 817,000.

He had not kept accounts of cash although the bank statement reflected withdrawals, of cash VTI employees refunded, double booking of expenditure, irregular payment for stitching charges of uniforms, non-booking of advance payments, non-reconciliation of remittance and booking advances against a contractor and two instructors without disbursing the cash.

Labour and human resources ministry officials charged Namgay Drukpa for embezzlement, manipulation of accounts records and not keeping proper accounts of payments made and collected when he was working as an accountant at the training institute.

Royal Audit Authority, during their annual audit in 2010, found the misappropriation and the ministry, after studying the audit report, framed the charges against the accountant.

Namgay Dorji had argued that he had neither misappropriated nor embezzled the fund but the shortage occurred because he did not know how to use the budget and accounting system (BAS).

He, however, failed to justify his stand on the each and every charge framed against him.

Gelephu dungkhag court, after studying the case for more than two years found that Namgay Drukpa had embezzled more than Nu 470,000.

While rating the crime based on the value, it fell into misdemeanor, where the penalty ranged from one to three years prison term.

The court verdict stated that Namgay Drukpa’s claim that he did not know how to use BAS was not a reasonable defence because claiming to be ignorant does not make a defendant innocent.

Gelephu dungkhag court had also asked Namgay Drukpa to restitute the money he embezzled to the ministry within two months.

By Tashi Dema

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  1. I am very sorry for Namgay Drulpa. He may be lying or it is the mistake of higher authority in placing inexperienced person like him in such position. Above statements clearly shows he is not a capable person designated by the higher authority.

    One thing; why the investigating personnel have taken so long (2years).

    “Designate right person for right profession”. So that there won’t be any problem in coming days.

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