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Agenda for 79th session of National Assembly

Six new royal advisory councillors will be elected tomorrow (Thursday, June 28), on the opening day of the 79th session of the National Assembly of Bhutan.On Friday the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Lyonpo Yeshey Zimba, will present a report on the performance of the government in the past year to be followed, on Monday, with the national budget presentation.

Also on Monday the assembly will discuss the need for an internal road network to avoid the risky border roads, and the widening of the Paro-Thimphu and the Thimphu-Phuentsholing highways.

On Tuesday, the issues for discussion include the clearance of bushes and undergrowth along the roads in Assam-Bhutan areas to reduce theft, robbery and attack from across the border, flood control and protection project in Sarpang, the theft of Rangjung Kharsapani and, therefore, the need to beef up security measures to protect national treasures.

On Wednesday (July 4), the public in the 20 dzongkhags will submit their views on the ULFA-Bodo problem and the killing and harassment of Bhutanese people on Assam highway. The Joint Verification of people in the camps in Nepal will be discussed on July 5.

Other issues to be discussed in the 79th session of the assembly include the border talks with China, tourism in Haa, spread of HIV/AIDS, revision of royalty for rural house construction timber, reduction of non-national work force, civil servants leaving government service after availing higher education, fixation of fees for the Jabmis, and proselytisation.

Several acts will also be deliberated and passed in the 79th session of the assembly . The acts include the Industrial Property Act, Copyright Act, Commercial Sale of Goods Act, Cooperatives Act, Income Tax Act, Bill for Civil and Criminal Procedure Code, Livestock Act of Bhutan, and the Bhutan Electricity Act.

The assembly concludes on July 20.

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