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The shopkeepers accepted the revised prices
The shopkeepers accepted the revised prices

All is well when meat is cheaper

Tshering Namgyal | Mongar

Meat price in Mongar will be slashed. There will be an executive order from the Dzongkhag tshogdu (DT) to not increase the price of meat beyond a 30 percent profit margin over Phuentsholing price.

This comes after deliberations in the DT where officials convinced each other with simple profit and loss mathematics.  The thromde committee proposed a price and the Mongar DT endorsed.

Mongar dzongrab, Jamyang Cheda, said that the thromde committee including the officials from the stakeholders like dzongkhag settlement sector, livestock sector, regional trade office, regional customs office, Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) met and decided to impose the revised price.

The base price, dzongkhag officials said was taken from the price at source in Phuentsholing. Dzongrab said a team led by district livestock officer during the price comparison study found out that a kilogramme (kg) of boneless beef costs around Nu 240, with bones Nu 215, chicken Nu 140, pork Nu 155, and fish 155 in Phuentsholing.

The existing price of meat in the Mongar is Nu 300 for boneless and Nu 280 for beef with bones, chicken and pork Nu 250, and fish Nu 300.

Dzongkhag officials and DT members said fish was charged double the price and was the highest.

Dzongrab, Jamyang Cheda, said the committee learned that around three bolero trips with each carrying between 1.6  metric tonnes (MT) and 1.8MT costs around Nu 23,000.

“Even after deducting the transportation cost and rental charge of Nu 5,000 a month, the net profit is too high,” he said.

In line with the trade rule that permits a net profit minimum of 20 percent after deducting the expenses, the committee decided to keep at 30 percent net profit. The revised price would be implemented by the agencies concerned once the DT issues an executive order.

The price was last revised in 2013.

Meat vendors agreed to the high price and readily accepted the committee’s decision. However, they said the committee would fix the price considering the existing price in Phuentsholing. A meat vendor said it was also important to review the meat prices in other places including the capital city and implement accordingly.

There are seven meat shops in Mongar town.

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