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Are we looking inside at our own faults?

Distrust is unhealthy. It is growing in our society in the way it is worrying.

Civil servants are a class apart.  The private sector is running hard but nowhere because there is no space for growth. And the tide is rising.

The politicians know it best because they are the key players in between these many links in the system. When the politicians are getting the message that they could do more, much more, there is a lot more that can be done, each individually.

The private sector can only moan, of course. We are not a manufacturing nation. The only option we have, because of our belief systems, is that we can punish with our good thinking.

Climate conferences are happening everywhere, for example, and it looks like we are fighting a losing battle. Our greenery is important and the animals that reside in it, of course. Better still, we could be heaven without any worry or small influences from outside.

Dreams so become more important. What have our dreams given us so far, though?

We are a nation that has been able to shake the conscience of the world. But the more important question perhaps is how does what the rest of the world look at Bhutan.

We are rumbling through a significant change. Some are calling this journey a success already. In truth, however, we have a long way to go.

It starts with the courage to be not delusional, which is a sign that we are becoming far-removed from own selves.

Our society’s greatest problem is this, here, today. Something is keeping us from giving our best. And this is showing in the way of lack of trust among ourselves. This is a serious indication of things that are not going the way we all wish for the nation and the people.

Recently, the government went to the extent of urging the people to not undermine the government. Why is this happening? There must be a reason.

Needs are changing by the day and that is shaping the vision of the nation. Are we keeping up with these changes?

It falls on the government of the day to convince the people that governance and responsibility are two different things and that both are taken care of well.

Distrust in society, anywhere, is a thing to worry about. Where is it coming from, we must nail it from the first flush.

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