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Artificial Insemination

A new Artificial Insemination Centre was inaugurated on June16 at Radhi geog by Trashigang dzongda Dasho Sherub Tenzing is expected to benefit over 1000 breedable
cows and about 560 households.Dr. Tenzin, livestock extension officer of the dzongkhag, said that the
centre was established with an aim to improve the cattle breeds of the geog
and also to promote the availability of such facilities.

“The livestock plays a major force in the economy of the geog,” said Dr.

The semen of the pure jersey bull and the mithun bull, brought from the referral lab
at Serbithang, will be used to spread the progeny of the superior bulls, the
payoff being the improved breed which will enhance the livestock products.

The centre was established after a high demand from the farmers of the geog.

About 400 hundred farmers attended the ceremony who were also briefed on the
benefits of the centre and its available facilities.

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