Wednesday , January 24 2018

Tshorwa grabs most awards

Four films, Tshorwa, Pot of Gold, Serga Mathang, and Bum Badha Chen-mi Rinzi dominated the 16th annual film awards held recently taking 21 awards out of 31.

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Reform must achieve integrity

The judiciary has begun undertaking vital review and reforms. What this indicates is that people’s expectations from the institution has evolved. This is a good development.  Administration of justice must evolve to suit the changing times.

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Preserving native cereals

A group of farmers in Buli will start cultivating native varieties of cereals starting this year in a bid to ensure their continuity. Members of the Sonam Nyamsung Detshen have initiated this effort to conserve such cereals in their locality which they say are today endangered species. Sonam Nyamsung Detshen ...

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Be bold for change

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day. The day celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, and is also an annual call to accelerate efforts towards achieving gender parity.

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Reconstruction of Denchukha bridge yet to start

Locals worried that temporary bridge may be washed away this monsoon

Reconstruction of the 400-foot (122 metre) bailey suspension bridge over the Amochhu at Pultar in Denchukha, Samtse has not yet begun causing concerns among locals that the area could get cut off in the monsoon.

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Working on gender in the Hindu Kush Himalaya

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, it is important to reflect on the importance of the inclusion of gender in academia. The goal of gender professionals is to ensure fair representation of marginalized groups in a variety of discourses – be it literature, science, history, or even current affairs and popular culture. A larger awareness of the need for an inclusion of gender in everyday discourse has been recognized since the inception of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Goal 5 of the SDG, “achieve gender equality and empower all girls and women”, calls for gender equality.

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