Friday , October 20 2017

Dagana farmers await replacement for felled citrus trees

Until 2015, Phurba Motkan in Tashiding, Dagana used to earn at least Nu 50,000 from his citrus orchard. Since then he has been struggling to earn cash income to feed his family and educate his children. After his citrus trees were felled in 2015, he opened small shops in three different locations to earn cash income. “Three because income from one is barely enough to buy ration”, Phurba said.

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Domestic credit at Nu 97B

The Royal Monetary Authority’s (RMA) financial inclusion initiative is expected to fuel domestic credit to almost 50 percent of the GDP in the medium term.

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Invest in agriculture

Some encouraging developments are happening in the agriculture sector. This is good and reassuring because one of our most important national dreams rests on the development of agriculture where more than half our population are. We have long recognised that as a small and independent nation, it is critically important for us to achieve food self-sufficiency and security.

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It’s the beginning for me

Thinley Dorji

Standing on the victory podium with the national anthem in the background, his torso wrapped with the national flag and a gold medal around his neck. That was Thinley Dorji’s dream three years ago.

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Picture story

AT celebrated its 55th Raising Day in Haa with various cultural and martial arts programmes including sky diving.

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