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Book Review: A mother’s challenge

The Morning Sun is a novel based on true story of Sonam Yangki. It tells us a story of challenges to survive against all odds.

A story begins in early winter with a baby being abandoned by her young mother in an apple orchard. Bringing up a fatherless child can be difficult. The child’s grandmother nurtures her and, as she grows, she has to face her fate.

Sonam Yangki stepfather, a drunkard, is no help. It makes her life more difficult. He is forced to work in pubs and drayangs for income. The child she gives birth to has cerebral palsy.

The Morning Sun is about escaping hard times and hoping for a better tomorrow. It talks about modern challenges; it draws a picture of a society that is becoming largely uncaring.

Monu Tamang, the author, began the project of writing this books after his wife Sujata Tamang shared with him Sonam’s challenges.

Thakur S Powdyel, president of Royal Thimphu College, launched the book on May 4 at the Nirmal Lodge, Thimphu.

Tashi Chophel

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