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Budget provision increases six-fold

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gelephuRecently constructed four-kilometre drainage in Gelephu town

This means more money to spend now annually than in the entire 10th Plan

Gelephu Thromde Gelephu thromde is expected to see a major facelift in the 11th plan.

Going by the budget provision, its annual budgets in the coming years would be more than the entire budget for the 10th plan, during which the thromde was under the dzongkhag administration.

For the 10th plan, the thromde was allocated with Nu 170M.

However, in the next plan, after the Gelephu town was classified as a class A town, the thromde will be provided with Nu 1,100M.

“This means we’ll have to execute and implement plans worth Nu 225M budget annually,” Gelephu thrompon Namgay said.

Stating that the budget provision was based on the capacity of the thromde, Namgay said majority of the budget would go into infrastructure development like road, drainage and water supply.

Gelephu thromde has an area of about 12sqkm, from the border gate in the south to Shetekhari in the north, Ipoli near the airport in the west to fishery area in the east.

Thromde officials said one of the major tasks for the thromde in the 11th plan would be implementation of their plan to construct a three and a half kilometre boulevard from the Indo-Bhutan checkpost to Shetekhari.

“The royal boulevard wouldn’t only be double lane, but also have footpath and cycle track,” thrompon Namgay said. “There would be ducts along the proper drainage system to lay power, cable and water pipes.”

Once the royal boulevard construction begins, only infrastructure of national and international standards would be allowed to be constructed along the way.

But Gelephu town residents said the thromde should concentrate on providing basic facilities of good road network, drainage system and proper drinking water connection, as of now.

“They should keep fancy ideas to themselves and, instead, solve the existing problems,” a businessman said.

By Tashi Dema, Gelephu


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  1. lbc | February 1st, 2013 at 06:15:22

    To see the performance of Gelephu Thromde, you may see the road condition going towards Edhi / Phularihi. Planed road is getting blacktop
    but drains are above the road, how long the road will last ?

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