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Busted for sale of controlled substance

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seized-itemsThe confiscated proxybon capsules

Crime: Tsirang police has detained a 34-year old man in connection with the illegal transaction of controlled substances on October 19.

Police confiscated 2,060 capsules of proxybon, 24 tablets of relipen and 34 tablets of N10.

The accused was arrested around 6.30pm from a bar, which was operated by his wife near Rangthangling gewog centre, about 3km towards Sarpang from Damphu town.

The police had tracked down the man, after the car they suspected was found parked near the bar.  The controlled substances were found hidden in the spare tyre, below the seat, and underneath the steering box of the car.

The accused, Sonam Tobgay from Dawakha under Dogar gewog in Paro, was working as a site supervisor with Punatsangchu hydropower authority.

Police said they had information that the substances were being sold to some addicts in Damphu town in a silver I10 car, which the man drove.

“We’ve been looking for his car,” police said, adding it took about two months to trace the accused.  It was a joint operation, conducted by the police of three districts of Wangdue, Punakha and Tsirang.

The accused has confessed to the crime and told police that the Nu 8,500 worth substances were bought from the bordering town of Jaigaon, and it would earn about Nu 45,000 in the black market.

Police said, while dropouts, taxi drivers and businessmen were generally the main buyers, they are looking for customers of the confiscated substances in the meantime.

Tshering Namgyal, Tsirang

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  1. Oii Waii charo tsu | October 25th, 2013 at 22:02:01

    Thanks to Bhutan Police…….we really hat off to you all for keeping Bhutan in safe place…

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