Sunday , October 4 2015

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A good lesson

The long drawn controversy surrounding the second-hand electric cars that are being driven as taxis is heading to an end, albeit one cabbie that is taking the dealer to court. While we wait for the court to look into the case, the four others have finally got what they want. ...

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When regulations come into conflict

Drukair refusing to fly an ailing Bhutanese passenger to Bangkok for treatment has been a subject of heated debate this entire week. The question that begs to be answered still is why did the captain take the decision he did that day.

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Well begun is half done

Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay and his delegation who are attending the United Nations General Assembly can walk around New York with their heads held high. The United Nations have adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the new development goals that will guide nations for the next decade and beyond. The ...

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Filling the (import) gap

The statistics coming out on the export and import of essential food items is not very encouraging. This is because if we are deep in the red in terms of trade deficit, it is becoming worse.

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A good beginning?

That the Ministry of Education will establish a Teacher Professional Support Division (TPSD) to ensure that every teacher in the country receives need-based professional development is good news. It is a most relevant re-organisation that should have come a long time ago.

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Shedding the LDC status

One issue to ponder when all of us come back from the long tshechu break (in the capital) refreshed and rejuvenated, could be the country’s preparation to transit from a least developed country to a middle income country. The finance minister is seeing it as a positive change and calls ...

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Visiting Bhutan

The festival season in Bhutan is incomplete without curious tourists, some in ghos and kiras, becoming very much a part of the crowd. They time their visit to the country with the tshechus, as the rich culture and colourful crowd provides them a different experience.

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Working together

Thimphu motorists were taken by surprise yesterday morning when uniformed men stopped their cars, peeped inside and waved them through their check points. They knew the cops were looking for something but didn’t know what.

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