Sunday, April 19th, 2015 - 10:33 AM
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Some monsoon magic

The season of rain has now begun, officially. Freshness is all about. Our gardens, our walkways and our pathways are breathing life and hope. Flowers are in full bloom. There are colours and fragrance myriad in the air. It’s a time of celebration, of things good and promising. Poets have hymns for this season. Philosophers have pondered at the magic and marvels of this wonderful time of the year. Growth and rejuvenation is by right our fare.

The private sector speaks

The annual general meeting of the Bhutan Chambers of Commerce and Industries is a good forum for the private sector to raise and discuss issues concerning them.  It is here the sector, now hope of the government for employment generation, raises concerns of government policies that benefit or affect them.

A good reform

Education lies at the front and centre of our national life. Our success and our failure will be determined by the robustness of our education system. Bhutan Council for School Examinations and Assessment’s (BCSEA) decision to include more competency-based questions that will require critical thinking is welcome.

Moving up in the World Cup

The suspense is over.  The draw for the second round of World Cup 2018 is out, and we know our chances of progressing to the next stage. We are already the underdogs, even if we were ranked above Hong Kong in the recently updated FIFA ranking.  The biggest hurdle obviously is China and Qatar.  China has featured in the 2002 World Cup, although they lost all three games without scoring a single goal.

Support for the private sector

There are a lot of expectations rested on our private sector.  It is the engine and the driver of economic growth, and solution to a mounting unemployment problem.  Such is the importance of the sector, long recognised, at least theoretically. The sector, despite all its shortcomings, has matured.  Today, they are even confident enough to ask for a share in constructing mega projects, like the hydropower ones.  This is encouraging, because a thriving private sector can provide the alternative, especially in creating jobs.  Government jobs [... Read More]

A wasteland of mediocrity?

Many Bhutanese are heading abroad. Scholarships used to be the reason. Not anymore. For a growing number of young, talented and restive Bhutanese, going abroad means opportunity of a lifetime to make some decent money. But why go abroad to make money? The answer is: there isn’t space enough here for them to do so. Some will come back, many will not for a long time.

Make the gambling ban stick

If there is one notable social ill in the country, it is gambling.  Recognising this, it was banned a long time ago, long before some of the victims of, what the former (late) Home Minister Tamshi Jagar described as, an “extortion business,” were even born. They realised that it was bad and that there were no winners.  The issue reached the National Assembly and the activity was banned.  That was in 1977.

Being responsible

Last week, a falling wall killed a municipal worker in Changzamtog, Thimphu. It was a freak accident. The incident could have become big news had media not resorted to the basest and meanest of the roles it could play. But a worker’s or dasho’s, human life is precious.

From tiny acorns do giant oaks grow

We tend not to notice small acts of kindness and appreciate the tiny and often selfless contributions that individuals make in our workaday lives.  We talk big.  At the same time, we are losing sense of our responsibility each to other as co-citizens. That is when where peace once was, discord, mistrust and hostility reign.  That is when a small and harmonious society that once was begins to disintegrate.  We lose our strength.  We become increasingly vulnerable.

Food safety first

On World Health Day yesterday, Bhutan, or at least some Bhutanese, joined the international community is in observing the day.  The theme, ‘Food Safety’ was most relevant at home too. In Phuentsholing, where the event to mark the day was held, food safety was mostly focused on what is cooked and served.  This is important.  As the gateway to the country and a commercial hub, people from all walks of life throng Phuentsholing.  Not many have relatives or friends to pile on to.  Many are [... Read More]

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