Sunday, July 5th, 2015 - 6:10 AM
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Ensuring food safety

Once more, both the Prime Minister and the agriculture minister clarified that it was never the government’s plan to start slaughterhouses. The ‘Livestock value addition centre’ at Serbithang, Thimphu, which was once the meat-processing unit, has nothing to do with slaughtering animals.

Bottlenecks in service delivery

The sight of business owners queuing from dawn to renew their business licenses outside the regional trade office speaks volumes of how service delivery can still be improved. The government’s effort is to make Bhutan a top 100 country for ease of doing business. If that includes enhancing service delivery to local businesses, there is a lot to do. The regional office’s stand is clear on how it goes about doing its business. There are three months to renew their license and they feel 90 [... Read More]

Below the rim

After all the support and attention football received for their success in the World Cup qualifying games, we shouldn’t expect other tournaments or sports to take the backstage. But the national basketball team which left the country today to take part in an international tournament didn’t receive enough support and good wishes.

On disaster preparedness again

An earthquake and a lake outburst flood on the same day could be a rare coincidence. But it did happen on Sunday, June 28. And Bhutanese are worried. If the memories of glacial lake outburst flood and earthquakes are fresh in the Bhutanese mind, the April earthquake in Nepal has reminded us that the region is not safe. The great Himalayas, on which both Nepal and Bhutan are located, is a young mountain region. Therefore, we are on a fragile ecosystem. We are easily shaken- [... Read More]

A good lesson

The Sunday evening “lake outburst flood” fortunately didn’t cause any damage to life or property along the Punakha–Wangdue valley although it did wash away some bridges high up in Gasa and Laya. With the news of a possible flood spreading like wildfire abetted by social media, panic caught people living in the low lying valleys. This became worse when the early warning sirens went off. People in the hazard zones were briefed several times in the past that the eerie sound of the sirens would [... Read More]

Getting set for the monsoon

If the week that just went by was wet, we had better be prepared for worse.  Monsoon has just begun and we will see more rain in the coming days, going by the weather forecast. The first continuous rain for days has caused some damage, though not severe, in some pockets of the country.  Trongsa was the worst affected, with roads blocked and a few huts washed away by a flash flood.  By late afternoon yesterday, the town was put on alert, with a few [... Read More]

Every vote counts

Not to exaggerate, but one phrase that was on every lip during the campaign period and even before that was “every vote counts.”  This largely came from those encouraging the people to vote, like the Election Commission of Bhutan, or from aspiring candidates seeking support.

Accelerated e-motion

The country’s e-governance ranking is improving.  It has jumped by nine places in just one year.  That is quite an achievement. At a time when our lives are quickly becoming dictated by technology, it is a positive sign that e-governance is picking up pace.  The ranking will improve further as the government has lined up strategies to enhance e-governance.  Infrastructure is improving, users are increasing and it is cheaper and faster.

Beware mobocracy

The policemen at the Road Safety and Transport Authority on Tuesday were not traffic police to brief about safety issues to the 300 taxi drivers, who had thronged the premises.  They were called from the city police to maintain order as things started to get out of hand.

The Karpo verdict

The much-awaited verdict on the Lhakhang Karpo case is out, bringing the case to an end, at least for now. The dzongkhag court acquitted foreign minister Rinzin Dorje of all charges the Anti Corruption Commission had compiled after almost two years of investigation.  He will have to pay only Nu 4,166 as restitution to the government within 10 days.  The penalty was imposed after the minister was not able to produce receipts for using a government vehicle to transport timber to his construction site in [... Read More]

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