Friday , November 27 2015

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Thinking beyond party lines

What is happening with our parliamentarians? This is a resounding question on the lips of many watching the joint sitting session yesterday as they once again confused themselves over the thromde issue.

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A successful programme

Some 14 years ago, teachers, education officials and students were attending a two-day seminar in Thimphu to discuss a new project. It was targeted at enhancing nutrition in school meals, earn some income for school development fund and encourage the dignity of labour.

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Parents need to be more responsible

This is the time of the year when our streets will become violent by the day. There will be fights and troubles galore. Our young people will not sleep. They will howl around all night, high on things they ought not to indulge in.

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The Thrompon elections

With the year slowly drawing to an end, we have a lot of things to look forward to in the New Year. High on the list is the local government elections, which could begin as early as January.

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Lest we make a mistake

Opening up tourism or freeing the tariff is as complex as the functioning of the lucrative business. Both will have long-term implications and a good debate, the sort happening at the National Council, is what we need before we come to a decision.

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Making our roads less hazardous

Our roads are becoming increasingly unsafe. Navigating the city roads is a challenge that is growing by the day because of numerous ruts and holes on our roads. This poses serious threat to both drivers and pedestrians.

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Regulations for drones needed

A drone was recently seized from a tourist in Paro. The tourist was using it to take photographs of Kichu lhakhang. The activity may seem harmless but there is a need for drone use to be strictly restricted or banned until regulations are in place.

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Finding a middle path

As expected, there is good debate on the six-moth paid maternity leave proposal that is still waiting for the Cabinet’s endorsement. The National Assembly wants it to be implemented at the earliest.

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Shopping without cash

The latest facility Bank of Bhutan started in at least two shops in Thimphu is one service that most people have expected from our banks a long time ago. The bank’s merchant payment service allows shoppers to shop without cash and merchants to concentrate on their business.

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