Wednesday , January 18 2017
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Waste not, want not

The goal was ambitious: making Bhutan one of the cleanest countries in the world. We’ve had a good start. But it is easier to get people to pick up garbage on a single day. It is easier because you see the results immediately. You get a sense of accomplishment within an hour or two, and therefore the motivation to complete the job is strong.

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Get involved in the education reform!

The education ministry is considering a longer summer vacation but a shorter winter break from next year. The matter will be discussed during the National Education Conference, scheduled to be held from January 9-12.

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We welcome more stakeholder intervention

In a significant development concerning Department of Local Governance’s (DLG) September 12 notification and local government leaders’ entitlement issues that it gave birth to, Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) and the National Council (NC) have walked in to clarify that members of local governments are declared elected from the day the election results are declared, not from the day they are administered oath or affirmation of office.

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Why another fire?

For the fourth time in six years, another major fire broke out in Chamkhar town in Bumthang. This time, four buildings housing 22 shops and homes were razed.

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Whence the problem?

A notification issued by the Department of Local Governance (DLG) on September 12 has apparently affected some of the local government leaders by at least a month’s salary less. They are of the view that the notification is in violation of Election Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan 2008 and Local Government Members Entitlement Act of Bhutan 2015.

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Anti-Corruption initiatives must come top-down

Bhutan Transparency Initiative’s National Corruption Barometer Survey has found that favouritism and nepotism in recruitment, promotion and transfer, misuse of public funds and facilities, and the deliberate delaying of decisions with twisted motives are the most prevalent forms of corruption in the country.

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