Wednesday , November 25 2015

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Welcoming a new beginning

The nation yesterday got the most happy news. The celebration of the life of the most extraordinary monarch could not give the people news more delightful than the announcement of Prince who will continue the legacy of the Wangchuck Dynasty.

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Thanking the King most noble

Our nation and our people have a special reason to celebrate the moment this day. Our roads and our gullies are clean. Our traffic system is most efficient. Our schools and institutes have never looked so beautiful. Year 2015 is special for the Bhutanese. All is as it should be.

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The perfect gift

We are in a festive mood as we do our last minute preparations for the big occasion on Wednesday. The streets have been swept clean, the roads are smooth, flags are flying high, and flowers have magically sprouted in November.

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Being sensible

With less than six days left for the big day on November 11, there is a lot of preparation works going on. And there is also some sense of urgency as people clean the city, roads are repaired, bridges and dzongs are lit up and almost every project or activity rushed to be completed before the important day.

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How are we really faring with GNH?

We are a society that is wont to praising ourselves and our successes however small they measure up to.  One way, this is good, for we must all celebrate and partake of the fruit and delight in the process of making of our nation.

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Managing the crowd

It was not the mantras or sutras that was reverberating from the hills surrounding Thimphu yesterday afternoon. It was the frantic requests of a monk appealing to the crowd to settle down and behave, as the Memorial Choeten where a wang ceremony was held got crowded.

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Whose right of way?

We have long realized that when we have more vehicles on the road, there will be inconveniences. Traffic becomes congested and we need rules. We also need drivers who obey rules and pedestrians too.

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What about the others?

A hushed but prominent discussion outside the High Court yesterday after the appellate court sentenced the former Royal Advisory Councilor, Chang Ugyen, to three years in prison, was: what about the others?

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