Monday, May 25th, 2015 - 11:20 AM
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Bringing our posterity well

Our cities and towns are rapidly becoming home to increasing number of desperate young people. Our young people are our hope, our guardians of peace and leaders of our prosperity. But, how are our young people really growing up? Youth crime is growing in our cities and our towns. We have records available from certain ministries and government agencies. Alas, records we have access to are way too old and irrelevant! Some of the government websites that are supposed to give us fresh information have [... Read More]

For the convenience of us all

In what will be a welcome change on the Thimhu-Babesa expressway, the Thimphu thromde will start designating pick up and drop off stands to ease traffic congestion. This is one facility conspicuously missing on our roads, whether it is in small towns or the capital. Without such a facility, taxis abruptly stop on seeing a passenger, causing panic to the driver behind. Often, this leads to accidents. During rush hours especially, we can see drivers eye-balling at each other as they manoeuvre the little space [... Read More]

A good reform, indeed

The Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) has reduced the ‘cooling period’ for those who joined political parties and now wish to enter civil service to one year from three. It is a welcome move. Cooling period of three years was ‘unnecessarily long” indeed. And many fell prey to the consequences, especially young graduates, who tried their luck at the elections without understanding the repercussions if they failed to win a seat.

A weakness for flesh

An interesting debate has picked up on the social media, following an opinion printed in the My Say column of this newspaper.  The letter requests the government to reconsider their plan to start a meat-processing unit and slaughterhouses. The letter, warning that such a cruel act would end the sacred Vajarana Kingdom, has gone down well with people, who are against killing, and are probably vegetarians.  There are not many who support the idea.

Specter haunts us again

A fire on Tuesday gutted 13 houses in Changzamtog, Thimphu. People who lived in those houses that are no more could salvage nothing pretty much because they weren’t there when the incident occurred early in the evening. This should come as a strong reminder of danger that our towns are increasingly being exposed to. Almost every two years, we witness makeshift houses and camps succumb to fire. And quickly, rather very conveniently, we blame it all on electric short circuit and let the matter there [... Read More]

Signs of an economy in good shape?

Has the country economic situation improved?  Yes, at least going by the government’s decision to purchase four new Toyota land cruiser Prados as duty cars for cabinet ministers. Four new land cruisers, each costing not less than Nu 3 million, have left Phuentsholing recently.  The luxurious and expensive vehicle spells social status in Bhutan.  Quite often, the type of car we drive is the yardstick by which we  judge our social standing.  The bigger the car, the higher you are on the social ladder, or [... Read More]

Beware the bearer of gifts

Is the government initiative of promoting electric vehicles benefitting only a selected few?  According to the Anti Corruption Commission, it appears so. Although the commission couldn’t establish a direct case of conflict of interest, the message is clear.  That in promoting a noble initiative, they have come in conflict with some rules and undermined provisions of the Constitution that provides for fair market competition.

Celebrating excellence

Bhutanese journalists received excellence in journalism award yesterday. It was the celebration of a profession that records the pulse of the nation with sincere dedication and utmost respect for truth. It was also a most fitting way to observe the World Press Freedom Day. Such recognition is necessary, not for plain pomp and pageantry, but to encourage journalists and media practitioners to strive harder to achieve excellence in their field of work. At a time when news media are in their humblest state, such an [... Read More]

Not a good example

Some 45 officials in schedule I, including members of parliament, a secretary and heads of non-government organisations, have failed to declare their assets. They have not done it so even in the month-long grace period the Anti Corruption Commission allows.  Are our ‘big” officials up to something then?  Will they be dealt with as per the ACC rules?  The rule is not especially harsh.  They will be considered in possession of unexplained wealth and could be investigated.

Fill in the blanks

The National Land Commission is on an important mission.  They will soon start mapping gungtongs in the country and then come up with policy recommendations for the government. This will be, like Bhutanese say, honey to the ears of the local leaders.  Villages are getting empty because people lock up homes and leave in search of greener pastures.  This has been an thorn in the side of our villages for long.  It is not a new issue.  It was highlighted in almost every gewog and [... Read More]

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