Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 - 12:00 AM
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A winning streak

The national football team made history again.  And for the right reasons this time. As the lowest ranked team in the FIFA ranking, we are known more for the 20-0 drubbing we suffered at the hands of Kuwait years ago than as a footballing nation.  Yesterday, the national team shocked the world and redeemed national pride, as we comfortably beat Sri Lanka, a nation ranked 35 places above us on the FIFA ladder. With a slim advantage from the first leg in Colombo, all eyes [... Read More]

More than a mere game

The national football team came home on Saturday to a heroic reception.  The big win in our first World Cup qualifying match against Sri Lanka has suddenly turned the attention on the national squad. There is a feel of togetherness at home, at least among those who follow football.  Wishes are overflowing on social media for the Dragon Boys.  Beyond the mountains, our first win made headlines.  There were many rave reviews of our first game.  But the match is not over.  There is a [... Read More]

It takes all sorts

For the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender informal community in the country, it was history in the making when one of them spoke openly about his identity.  It was a huge achievement. Was there a reason for celebration?  The answer is yes and no.  Unlike in many countries, homosexuality is not a big issue here.  It is considered taboo because it was not talked about or discussed as much as today.  With a movement for gay and lesbian rights in many countries, it is through [... Read More]

The chopper and much else

The much talked about helicopter service in the country is soon going to be a reality. By the end of the next fiscal year, the country will boast two choppers and 40 helipads. This would fulfil the promise of the government, whose inability to start the service, was even mocked in some quarters, whenever a chopper hovers around the city.  Given our rugged terrain and scattered settlement, a helicopter would come handy for search and rescue operations, a requirement stressed by the International Civil Aviation [... Read More]

Our boys need some love, some care

Bhutan won 1-0 against Sri Lanka on the first day of the team’s bid  for the World Cup in 2018. There can’t be better news than this for a nation like ours. We must congratulate our footballers even as they are so far away from being considered professionals. We have today what we can call a team of national footballers. And they have given their best. Football in Bhutan could be big if thoughts and intents are put to good use.

A rash decision?

“I’ll make you bask in the sun for days.” This is not a well-intended line.  Villagers often say this when they quarrel or have disputes.  It is rather a threat, as litigants have to report to court and wait, and wait in the sun more oft than not.

Black mark for Bhutanese media

A visiting editor kept asking if it was true that most Bhutanese journalists have the mobile numbers of the prime minister and his cabinet, and that reporters chat with ministers on social media. It is true.  And reporters call the prime minister or his ministers at odd hours for information or clarification.  Most of the time they are successful.  Such a thing would be impossible in many countries.  It takes weeks, even months, to get an appointment with a minister.  A French journalist was shocked [... Read More]

For a healthy and sustainable economic growth

The country’s economy seems to be improving after it has been on the rack for a while. It has, indeed, been a long while. New projections tell us that our economy is now set to grow at the rate of six percent. The news is good. It is good news because it gives us a reason to feel hopeful. It gives us reasons to be happy, confident and to work harder. But it is at times like this, particularly, when we must think about how [... Read More]

The e (for efficiency) Desk

Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay will monitor if government agencies are taking more than the required time in delivering public services.  He will track the progress from his desk, made possible by the eDesk system developed locally. This is a welcome initiative.  Officials responsible will be on their toes, as their progress would be colour coded to indicate progress, and the lyonchoen will be informed real time about the status at the click of a button.

Bankrolling City Hall

With an elected thrompon, thromdes have never been scrutinised as much as they are today.  There are expectations for development and change.  Voters are quick to point out that, with or without thrompons, change is slow. A lot will depend on the elected leader of a thromde.  From making policies to implementing and monitoring them, thrompons could bring changes.  But a lot will depend on what is in their coffers.  Developing or maintaining a thromde is expensive and they need budget.

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