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We are what we speak?

On the far east of the country, on the island nation of Australia, Bhutanese studying there have initiated a program for their children to learn Dzongkha. Being brought up in a different culture and learning environment, the fear was of their children losing touch and interest in the national language. How true, therefore, that we begin appreciating what is ours, especially in terms of values and identity, when we begin living in another country for a while and begin comparing cultures. Language is an indelible [... Read More]

Climate change’s spiritual hope

Talk of climate change and most Bhutanese would not understand what that is or relate directly its effects on them and the resources they depend on. Every year farmers in the east have been experiencing dry spell, which delays their cultivation works and that in turn affects their harvest time. For quite sometime, paddy harvests in the east have been affected by unexpected rain. It spoils the pattern villagers have been used to following, that of seasons, movement of the sun, the wind, basically all [... Read More]

On press freedom day

Several panel discussions are being organised at various places in the capital city, including one in the east to mark the world press freedom day today. Whosoever conceived this idea probably did so to celebrate the work of journalists and journalism in creating a free, safe and a better society for people to live in. We have the government entrusted by its people with the responsibility of fulfilling this basic necessity, one that is a given human right. Corruption, tyranny and maladministration blur this vision. [... Read More]

How disaster-prepared?

Of late, there has been one too many incidents of disasters that have struck the people in various parts of the country. As wintery frost gave way to a windy change of season, it caused many a forest fire, several acres have been burnt and homes that fell in the way of raging forest fires, they too were consumed. Several houses were gutted in the east, most of them being in Trashigang. The dzongkhag sees a major forest fire almost every year. There were two [... Read More]

Show them, not tell

What does a cow give? This was a question posed in a class test in one of the primary schools in the country. Much like one of those smart answers to similar questions that people post on the social networking sites nowadays, the student answered, dung. Since that did not conform to the prescribed answer, the teacher marked it wrong. The next day, the parent of the student who saw the paper went to the teacher and informed that the answer her child gave was [... Read More]

Bodybuilding backstage

It was with much adulation and rave public reviews when bodybuilding initially entered the Bhutanese sports scenario. Within a short span of time compared with other sports that existed for decades, our athletes began representing the country in regional and international competitions and even brought home medals. A SAARC bodybuilding championship was even hosted in the capital city in which our athletes won several medals in the competition among eight member-nations. It is because of these successes the country today has numerous fitness centres and [... Read More]

What people want

The stock of issues People’s Democratic Party (PDP) coordinators from across the country brought with them to the recent annual meeting sends a strong message. The Bhutanese electorate has not forgotten what to expect of the government they elected. In fact, it was based on the pledges the government made during the election that helped swing favours to their side in many constituencies. Never mind if the people cannot get to their elected representatives, they have the local party coordinators to grab, should the government [... Read More]

Gateway to Bhutan gridlock

It is quite an experience getting into Phuentsholing town these days.  If you think driving is the quickest means to get around, think twice.  It’s far easier and faster to walk in this town. It takes from a quarter to half an hour to get into town on a busy day, and many more minutes to find a parking space. With one lane of the entry road to the country from the gate being redone, all vehicles, entering and exiting Bhutan, have to pass through [... Read More]

It’s but one government

To have a prime minister and an opposition leader bandying words at the Parliament, or other public forums is typical of politics in many countries. Perhaps that is designed to allow the opposition to continually keep the fire up the government’s feet, so they do not renege on election promises. Besides that, it also provides a platform for either side to vent their frustrations against one another and sort out differences, which since it happens in public, is normally conducted in the most discreet of [... Read More]

The high cost of free healthcare

Bhutan’s challenge in achieving universal health coverage is different from other countries in the region. While countries in the region are faced with accessibility, affordability and effectiveness of health services, our challenge is the sustainability of the free healthcare system in the country. Despite that, the country’s universal health coverage is around 75 percent, which is among the highest in South Asia. Our wise leadership at the helm has, out of compassion for the large rural majority, insisted that health services should be free in [... Read More]

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