Sunday , February 26 2017
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Monsoon glory yet again

Every monsoon we are reminded of how poor our sewerage systems are. A few minutes’ rain wreaks havoc in the streets and city corners far and near. Our roads literally flood because clogged city drains are not able to handle the amount of water when it comes. These are times when we get rain day in, day out, almost. The picture then is one of mayhem.

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This is no spelling bee

The country requires standard spellings for the names of dzongkhags, gewogs and chiwogs. Standardised spellings are important today as incorrect spellings can have legal implications.

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Using the video game culture

It’s no secret that we’re struggling to get our children and teenagers to read more.

We are trying. Efforts to build a large public library are underway. Efforts begun in last year’s Reading Year are hopefully being sustained.

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Taking education to the leaners

Non-formal education (NFE), one of the most successful programmes that Bhutan launched to provide quality literacy and numeracy education to those who did not receive or complete formal education, is experiencing a worryingly high drop-out rate today.

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Tarry awhile. Let the dust settle

It was central schools first. Now it is allowing boarding facilities in all schools, public and private. It has been a crazy run for the education ministry, all in the name of reforming the system.

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Infrastructure: Need to give quality pride of place

The quality of public infrastructure in the country is a growing concern. Look at the roads in the urban centres and they have got a face and narrative of their own. And our highways are scarred with innumerable potholes that make for vastly cumbersome and risky driving.

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