Thursday , November 26 2015

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What about the others?

A hushed but prominent discussion outside the High Court yesterday after the appellate court sentenced the former Royal Advisory Councilor, Chang Ugyen, to three years in prison, was: what about the others?

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A social malaise?

Drug addiction is becoming a serious problem in the country. One doesn’t need surveys and statistics to bolster one’s argument. Walk along major towns at night, especially, and it is all too apparent.

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Learning through accidents

The third of four children to have suffered severe burns in the October 19 fire in Jaigaon has died. The death toll from the fire is now three children. Doctors at the Thimphu referral hospital couldn’t save the four-year-old girl who suffered more than 50 percent burns.

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The Dzongkha dilemma

The issue of the declining quality of Dzongkha, our national language is back again. It will be another agenda in the Parliament when they meet next month.

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Building modern temples of society

After many years of seeing the Jigme Dorji Wangchuck public library in Thimphu languish in its ancient cramped quarters while enormous structures like multi story buildings housing bars and snooker halls,

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Urgent action needed

It is worrying to learn that increasing number of students between classes PP and 10 are leaving school. The number of school-leavers this year has increased by about 2,000 compared with last year’s figure.

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A grim reality

If the murder of a schoolgirl in Yebilaptsa has left the family members in deep pain, it sure would have left the school community shell shocked.

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