Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 - 7:07 AM
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The illegal rupee trade

There are eyebrows raised even as the Office of the Attorney General prosecute the 13 people, which include bank officials, alleged for illegally repatriating Indian Rupee to the tune of millions. Scandals always excite the public, but when it involves bank or bank officials, there are reasons to worry. The case was detected recently and by the time the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) who stumbled upon it while investigating an immigration case, about INR 70M was already repatriated. What is more worrying is the ACC [... Read More]

Teacher shortage must be addressed

The news from Gaselo Higher Secondary School in Wangdue is no good news. The report puts the education sector on the limelight yet again. Schools, not just in the rural areas but also in the urban centres, are calling urgently for attention. Education being one of the biggest sectors, the education ministry has had always to face shortage of teachers against rising number of schools and students. We need only to hark back to the times when we had to recruit teachers from abroad to [... Read More]

Feeling aggrieved

With the Mongar district court asking about a dozen building owners in Gyalpoizhing to forfeit their buildings, the owners are feeling aggrieved. The building owners will appeal, some say they are already planning to. We can understand their grievances- not because forfeiting property to the state is painful and embarrassing, but because of reasons leading to the forfeiture, if ever they do. They claim that they are bearing the brunt of a mistake, which was not theirs. They claim that as far as they were [... Read More]

Discourse is essential

At the meet the press session yesterday, the members of the Cabinet, four of them to be precise that forms the executive arm of the government were of the view the Pay Commission’s report was best left veiled. Away from the media’s glare, they said the contents of the report would be unsullied from the subsequent media analysis, followed by disparate points of views that emerged from the public that eventually led to unnecessary speculations. It was felt that would make decision making on the [... Read More]

Justice must be seen to be done

The issues gewog administration officers from various parts of the country raised in relation to judicial cases and their perceived notions of injustices therein points up a shortcoming in the judiciary. Perhaps, that is also the reason they thought and tacitly insinuated that Anti-Corruption Commission look into issues of miscarriages of justice. What the changing times call for, as evidenced in how people look at this important arm of the government, is for change in conduct of business. An adage our judges, lawyers and legal [... Read More]

Women deserve better

Women in our country are far better off than those in the region, not just in terms of equal status, if not more than men, they share in the society, but in every way. It is only a matter of time when they will assume greater responsibilities and positions in the society and they should if the country ought to progress. In fact they have already left a mark in the society and they continue to in areas of business, governance and similarly in politics. [... Read More]

A bold decision

The labour minister has committed to bring down the rate of youth unemployment to 5 percent by next July. This is a brave decision and we should laud the ministry and the minister for making such a bold decision. Unemployment has become a familiar term with Bhutanese now. It has been repeatedly discussed over the past many years with a concern that it will have implications in the future. The future is already here. Although Bhutan has a relatively low unemployment rate at 2.1 percent [... Read More]

Mean business

A tour operator was fined and his licence cancelled for forging visa for his two clients who had already boarded the flight to the country. Other tour operators thought the penalty of a mere fine and cancellation of licence too mild for a crime they said could pose threat to the country’s security. Tourism council officials had already endorsed the tour operator’s visa application, which the immigration officials denied because they learnt the visitors had already boarded the plane bound for Paro airport on forged [... Read More]

Going back to the fields

A lot of ideas and concepts were explored at the recently concluded three-day Business Summit in the capital. A familiar idea among them was the discussions on the “Back to the fields for agri business.” This is a not a new idea and our policy makers will agree that a lot had been said and written about it. The idea of returning to the field was explored in the past, although not for business intentions or to attract foreign investors. With increasing unemployment and rural-urban [... Read More]

What now?

What Next? A plausible question that crops up after the end of a summit like the one on better business that ended yesterday. This will certainly be the question on minds of most businessmen who desperately wish to spring up from the stunning blow the persisting problem of Rupee shortage continues to render. After all, much of the ideas and solutions that were discussed during the two-day seminar, like one panelist pointed out, was something the country already knew about. What it did do was [... Read More]

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