Sunday , February 14 2016
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Giving back

The short walk from the border gate in Phuentsholing back to the hotel or to the immigration office can be a terrible experience. The dust, heat and smoke from the numerous vehicles that ply the road can be utterly suffocating.

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Making good use of media apps

A mid concerns that our people are increasingly losing their privacy in this age of smartphones and improved communications technologies, we have noticed how responsible use of messaging and networking apps can actually help stop sad unravelling of social fibre in our communities.

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Securing the country from e-waste

It is comforting to know that the government will soon identify an e-waste management entity, and that our e-waste will hopefully be disposed off in an environmentally friendly way within a year or two.

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Not a good trend to set

Earlier this week we saw the worst voter turn out in any of the elections we have had so far. In fact, in one of the seven constituencies we had no zomdu (meeting) to nominate a candidate. Election officials outnumbered voters at the polling stations.

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Judges call for vital amendment

We all live under the rule of law. The purpose simply is that our rights are protected and other’s respected. Sometimes the best law vetted through a rigid process of legislation could leave room for improvement when it is implemented on the ground.

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