Sunday , August 28 2016
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How many times?

A trail of disaster that yesterday’s flood left in Sarpang reminds us of our mind-numbing inability to even decide when and how to relocate the town to a safer place.

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Focus on demand not supply

By 2018, if all goes according to plan, Bhutan will produce a thousand metric tonnes of pork annually. But this will still be short of demand by around a thousand tonnes going by import statistics.

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Welcome Home!

It is heartening, encouraging and inspiring to know that the villagers of Taksa are returning to  their village where their parents and grand parents, and so on, have lived for generations.

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Biogas: Answer to energy sufficiency?

As our dependence on fossil fuel consumption increases, it may be wise to explore the benefits of alternatives like biogas, which will contribute greatly towards achieving the national aim of reducing poverty levels, particularly in the rural parts of the country, by increasing livestock development and agriculture.

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Youth encouragement paramount

There is much hope, quality and maturity in our young people today. It is a resounding assurance of a brighter future for Bhutan. The priority and attention given to the education sector is bearing fruits after all.

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Improving fire safety

The Royal Audit Authority’s fire safety report paints a very unflattering picture of our security and safety initiatives, particularly in the dzongs and public offices. The report is, in its candid way and, quite rightly, damning. And it does not surprise us.

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