Friday , October 20 2017
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Addressing corruption together

National Council’s (NC) recommendation to develop an integrated IT-based information sharing system to address corruption in the country comes at the right time. Lack of such a facility or system has cost the nation dearly as instances of corruption continue to unfold.

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A third operator?

Many of us may have cursed out of frustration at not being able to finish a conversation or at the amount of time wasted waiting for data to download onto a phone.

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Improving the public transport system

The need of a proper public transport system for the major urban centres has become urgent.

That the Bhutanese ego encourages ownership of vehicles and prevents one from considering the switch to public transport should not dissuade authorities from giving this service the required support.

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Openness to work together will help both government and media

Media freedom is important. Where press cannot be free, there will be corruption, lack of accountability and transparency. It is not for no reason that Edmund Burke said nearly two centuries ago that yonder in the reporters’ gallery is a fourth estate more important far than all the eminent and venerable branches of the government.

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Our uphill battle with tobacco

World No Tobacco Day was observed in the country last week.

Among the events that day, the Bhutan Narcotics Control Authority received a meritorious certificate from the World Health Organisation for their clear vision and outstanding contributions towards combatting tobacco use.

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