Thursday, April 17th, 2014 - 9:28 PM

On paper

After more than half a century of planned development that the Bhutanese health care system continues to face a shortage doctors because of poor human resource planning does sound like a misnomer.

But some officials in the health ministry say such a situation prevails, not because of poor planning, but because there was no planning at all.

This could probably be true of all sectors. Take a look at education. There are officially enough teachers, but the [... Read More]

Shooting the messenger

The annual education conference has always been one event that the Bhutanese media, at least some of them, have covered, for many years now.

It is one event that brings together principals and teachers from all over the country to sit down with officials from the headquarters in Thimphu for at least three days and take stock of the year gone by and plan for the next.

All kinds of issues generally pop up at the conference, [... Read More]

Minor symptom of major malaise

So the high court has sentenced a 53-year-old man to three years of prison in connection with a 10-year-old girl, who went missing in 2009, on charges of child trafficking, bringing some kind of closure to the case.

The sentencing was largely possible, because the parents of the girl sought the help of a civil society organisation that appealed the verdict of the district court, which had essentially thrown out the case.

But as some readers have [... Read More]

More competition

Politicking in the run up to the next general elections should now gather pace, with the election commission of Bhutan approving the registration of two new political groups as political parties.

The two new political groups – Bhutan Kuen-Nyam party and Druk Chirwang tshogpa – have some tweaking to do with regards to their charter, but are otherwise good to get status as a political party.  One more political group, Druk Nyamrup tshogpa, which applied almost [... Read More]

Another year older

The last day of the 2012 was business as usual for most people after all work must be done and a living must be made.

On the official calendar the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) observed for the first time its foundation day at its new headquarters in Jungshina, Thimphu.

His Majesty the King attending the function was a major morale booster for the employees of the fairly new constitutional body that has a challenging mandate to fulfill.

With [... Read More]

The excesses of the eve

The most anticipated night of the year the world over is here.

New Year’s Eve, although not all that looked forward to in our society, is at least observed as the last day of the year, the day before ushering in the new one, according to the Gregorian calendar.

In the urban towns and centres, it is mostly marked by celebration of friends than with families, gathering around a public venue, usually in discotheques and bars, to [... Read More]


Reports from some parts of the interiors indicate that there is no frenzy yet, like there was six winters ago, in the run up to the first general elections in March 2008.

Compared to the winter of 2007, the winter of 2012 is quieter, and perhaps colder as well, because of the cold wave sweeping across parts of northern India.

But if one actually goes back to the run up to the 2008 elections, the electorate did [... Read More]

Due process?

What could possibly be going through the minds of the people in Chali village in the eastern district of Mongar?

Definitely not very comforting thoughts, even though annual religious ceremonies and rituals are being performed for the coming year.

How could one have comforting thoughts, when important religious ceremonies for the family and the community have to be performed in a month that is considered danag or inauspicious?

Doing so would be considered taboo in the past, but [... Read More]

The stimulus of power

The next elected government will not have to worry about the economy’s growth, at least when measured in terms of GDP, even with the current liquidity and rupee crunch choking new initiatives and strangling existing ones.

With the pre-construction work of four joint venture hydropower projects to start in the middle of next year, just as the new government is formed, the 11th plan is going to be in many ways the hydropower development years.

With the [... Read More]

No walk in the park

The centenary children’s park in Thimphu is a place where children go to play, walk and run around in a safe environment.

It is not a place where they go to die.  But for the toddler, who was on the verge of turning two, that is what the park turned into.

The unsecured roller iron-gate at the entrance, which was accidentally pushed by some kids playing at the park, fell and fatally injured the toddler passing by [... Read More]