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Wake up to the task

The city roads in Thimphu are so bad that people have now stopped waiting for the thromde whose job it is to fix. There is not a single stretch of road long enough that is not without a pothole. In places, depressions are like craters hollowed by the impact of meteorite.

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Preparing our children for the future

We are today talking about right attributes that our children need to have to enter the wider world of reality. What this means is how are we preparing our children for the future that they will face sooner or later. Yes, we are talking about education.

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Need more tertiary education institutions

Education has always received priority in our country and rightly it’s credited for transforming Bhutan to its current state of development. The recent inauguration of new education institutions reminds us of the acute shortages of such institutions at the tertiary level in the country.

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Challenges facing agriculture

Agriculture, the main sector that provides livelihood to more than half the population of this country, is witnessing a curious change today. While our national dream remains to make agriculture the priority sector, labour shortage is increasing by the year. Even as we have recognised that rural to urban migration could lead to undesirable consequences, particularly in the remote pockets of the country, we have not been able to stop or reduce the phenomenon.

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