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Agriculture must receive priority

The issue of the elderly being left behind in villages is not new. Yet it remains a worrying trend, nagging policy makers and communities alike, especially when it occurs in hamlets like Bunakha in Chukha where land is fertile and accessibility a non-issue.

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BBIN binned

There will be no hordes of regional tourists and vehicles swamping Bhutan. The government will not introduce the BBIN motor vehicle agreement for discussion in the upcoming session of Parliament.

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Special attention for special children

Signs that a child has special needs first appear early on. The international conference on autism and neurodevelopmental disorders, while highlighting the efforts being made, revealed that there is much more to be done at this developmental stage of a child’s life.

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A special connection

Relations between Bhutan and Bangladesh are at an all time high following the state visit of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina.

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Need to bring them back

Even as we strive to build a happy society that maximises and shares contentment among the citizens, we have left certain sections of our society, wittingly or otherwise, out on the fringes. Merits aside, we have missed to communally own our flaws. We are talking addiction problem – one of the greatest scourges of modern times.

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What’s wrong with the noble profession?

Ferret this out: Why are our teachers leaving in droves? In the first four months of 2017, some 200 teachers have left the profession. This is more than the total number of teachers who left the profession in the last eight years – 2.4 percent out of 8,562 strong teaching force!

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