Tuesday , May 31 2016
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Treating the cause, not the symptom

There is no sector more important than education. We are talking about building our society with capable and responsible citizens. Commerce and relations are important, all right. But they do not help raise our young minds, who in their time, will have to steer the course of this nation’s future.

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Taking basketball to the next level

It wasn’t as celebrated as the football wins over Sri Lanka but an equally significant sporting event took place recently. Bhutan got its first international win in basketball. The Bhutanese women’s team defeated Bangladesh at the SABA games held in Nepal.

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A critical reform

The science curriculum is being reformed and could likely be introduced in 2017.

This is an important event not only for the education sector but the country.

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A very exciting time, indeed!

This time round, we are experiencing an exciting time; it is almost wildly thrilling, to say the least. But then, excitements besides, we have a greater responsibility to think beyond matters mundane. We can do a lot better, together.

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History repeats

It was a brief downpour but it wrecked havoc in Thimphu city.

The road below the referral hospital resembled a torrential river. Long lines of vehicles had to form as each carefully navigated through the water. At least one vehicle stalled after water entered its engine.

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Need to employ caution

Many Bhutanese have been conned over the years. Even as we speak, many could be in the process of being hoodwinked by fake agents, promising good jobs abroad and good future.

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Preserving traditional medicine

Increasing demand for traditional medicines is causing concerns among traditional medicine pharmacists that over harvesting may lead to the extinction of some of the plants used as raw materials.

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A right decision

The government has granted Tashi Air a grace period of three years until 2019 to resume domestic air services. This is the most logical move at this point.

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Addressing society’s dirty disease

As we can have it, the case is still being investigated. Our wish is that the case is not just studied, but also examined to the degree it deserves to be highlighted to the society. Sometimes, it takes sincere effort to look into a mirror and face one’s own ugly grin.

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True state of our fourth estate

At a meeting of media officials yesterday, funding newspapers to cover the up coming local government elections sounded a priority in the next few months. It is a nice gesture. Elections are important, local or parliamentary, and reporters have to be in the field.

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