Monday , November 30 2015

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More than a game

An interim coach and a new skipper will lead the Bhutanese national football team when they face Hong Kong today. This is the sixth game in the second round of the 2018 World Cup qualifiers and another good opportunity to face an international team as we build a national team.

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Aviation regulator requires strengthening

In what should be considered a stroke of luck, the body responsible for improving aviation safety in South Asia, the Cooperative Development of Operational Safety and Airworthiness Programme, will be moving its head office to Bhutan.

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The ugly side of the beautiful game

Bhutan’s dramatic but incomplete comeback against the Maldives on Thursday was celebrated like a big win.  But the premature departure of the head coach of the national team, Norio Tsukitate, cast a shadow over the memorable feat, albeit a defeat.

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Making a rod for our own back

Returning home after a disappointing experience in New Delhi, a civil servant who tried to obtain a student visa to the United States said, “he just tried his luck”. Rejected for a visa on his second attempt, he said he did not really have to go to the US. He ...

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Contributing to a cause

The health ministry will, next week, launch the ‘Financing of Essential Drugs and Medicines’ initiative to raise money to the health trust fund. About 5,000 people across the country will take part in the initiative, which includes also a ‘Move for health” walk. The event is a part of the ...

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Letting entrepreneurs grow

We may not have solutions to high-tech garbage, but finally it seems like we have found one to our solid waste disposal problem, especially plastic, that is increasing with improving purchasing power. The initiative of using plastic waste to black top roads, which was tried out on Monday is a ...

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A feather in the conservation cap

Asserting naturally that the eastern Himalayas, including the whole of Bhutan, is a biological hotspot, the World Wide  Fund for nature’s Living Himalayas Initiative yesterday revealed that 211 new species were discovered between 2009 and 2014. It is a feather in the conservation cap for the region even as we ...

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An important visit

There is a lot of, what Indians call charchey (talk), over the visit of West Bengal’s Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee today. This is the first time the Chief Minister is visiting Bhutan that shares a long border with her state. The Chief Minister is leading a 19-member delegation that will ...

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A good lesson

The long drawn controversy surrounding the second-hand electric cars that are being driven as taxis is heading to an end, albeit one cabbie that is taking the dealer to court. While we wait for the court to look into the case, the four others have finally got what they want. ...

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