Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Ban has not worked. Now what?

World Health Organisation’s South-East Asia report on mental health status of adolescent has found that Bhutan has the highest percentage (29.3) of adolescent tobacco users and also the highest percentage (12) of marijuana users in the region. About 24.2 percent of Bhutanese adolescents drink.

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Water scarcity in water rich Bhutan

Water shortage in a mountain country like Bhutan, blessed with abundant water resources with per capita mean annual flow availability of 109,000 cubic metres, the highest in the region, is probably the biggest ironies of our time.

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When can we name and shame?

The clarity from the judiciary on naming and shaming suspects is relevant and helpful. By pointing out that it was wrong to name and shame suspects, it has also made clear when it is right to name and shame.

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Cut the supply line

Drug abuse and illicit trafficking of controlled substances (cannabis and pharmaceutical opioids) are among the growing issue in the country today.

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Why wait until we are alarmed?

Be it the attrition rate of teachers or the drug abuse arrests, the government has said that it is either not too concerned or the trend is not alarming. Citing statistics and comparing with the past figures, the government conveniently plays down these social issues.

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