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Need to fix procurement system

There is a need to fix our procurement system. The government spends over 60 percent of the budget on the procurement of works, goods and services. This is a huge amount. If we do not correct the pitfalls, resource waste could be immense.

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Clean Bhutan is Us

Citizens, you are how well you behave! How wonderful that we even have a day marked to clean our bedrooms! We call it our ‘environment day.’ We are a society that can take shame in whatever form it comes. Cleaning campaigns are held regularly, but what good do they do? …

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Realising the organic vision

Much has been written and talked about our endeavour to become organic by 2020. The discussion that was held to assess where Bhutan is in becoming one was timely and revealing.

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Talking about promoting our culture

As the custodians of our culture, it is incumbent on us to make every effort to protect and preserve the Bhutanese culture in their many forms. As foreign cultures come stomping about, we risk losing the tangible and intangible elements that inform our culture and shape our identity.

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The power of corruption

The deliberations on the Anti-Corruption Report at the Parliament were thorough and important. It has to be, given that abuse of functions tops Anti-Corruption Commission’s list of complaints. To our policymakers and the society, this should be worrying because it indicates the power of power to corrupt those in positions of authority.

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