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Encouraging self-employment

Youth unemployment is growing. For a country like Bhutan, this could have serious implications.

According to the labour ministry’s Labour Force Survey Report 2015, 147,000 people will be looking for employment by 2018. The figure is staggering. It is worrying.

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Making our home clean

Come December 9 and every citizen in the country will be out cleaning the roadside drains and environment around them. The day will be declared a national holiday. All in an effort to make Bhutan the cleanest country in the world!

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Should we regulate private school fees?

The National Council is in the process of coming up with a set of recommendations for the framing of guidelines for private schools. One of the main issues is rising private school fees, which is not only bothering the Council but also parents across the country. The issue raises the …

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A hot topic

A ban on imported chillies as a result of high levels of pesticides being detected and limited local supply is causing chilli prices to skyrocket in our markets.

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Need to get figures right

We never really could settle on right percentage of our land under forest cover. In the 1980s, we were told that Bhutan had 72.5 percent of its land under forest cover. Then the figure dropped to less than 65 percent, according to some forest experts.

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Changing face of our society

Bhutan is rapidly changing. The alacrity with which change is coming in is sometimes overwhelming. While it is inevitable that economic progress will bring transformation, we could also be losing the very elements that have defined our society.

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