Friday , October 20 2017
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On fiscal incentives again

The issue ​of the legality of fiscal incentives has resurfaced. The Cabinet has decided to propose the amendment of all laws that empower the government to grant fiscal incentives.

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Good intent gone wrong

The National Assembly secretariat has clarified that the data ​concerning members of parliaments’ constituency visits highlighted in its annual report was based on tentative travel days.

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Such mistakes are pathetic

Reports of National Assembly MPs doing table tours seem to have kicked up quite a rumpus in the House. The day after this newspaper picked up the issue and brought it to the notice of the electorate, the MPs were seen darting about frantically to authenticate their tour details with the accounts.

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Bringing dishonest MPs to light

So our honourable Members of Parliament (MP) have been doing a lot of table tours. When the National Assembly brings out its annual report next month, the report in general and the MPs’ fake tour in particular, will make for an interesting reading.

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Teacher shortage must be addressed

We have always had shortage of teachers. The situation may be improving going by the numbers but the improvement is nowhere near satisfactory. Shortage of 400 teachers is a lot still. We need to do more.

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