Monday , October 5 2015

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Combating white collar crime

When the Royal Insurance Corporation Ltd announced a Nu 1 million bounty on an employee, who absconded after embezzling Nu 91.6 million, everybody was talking about the reward.

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Giving and receiving

The gift rule is back in focus again. This time it is from the dzongkhags. Bumthang is the first to initiate a gift registration system. The dzongdag’s personal assistant will be a little busier.

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The perils of rumour and gossip

Although it could be dismissed as a generalisation, it has always been said that Bhutanese are good at speculating. If that is not enough, the rumour and gossip mills are as active as ever.

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A much needed service

Next Monday, the Royal Bhutan Helicopter Services will be established although the first helicopter will arrive only in November. This will officially herald in the much talked about helicopter service in the country.

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The new dispensation

It was busy yesterday (Friday), with Thimphu residents engaging in another round of exchange of goodwill and offering of khadars, as a new group of officers take up important posts in the government and constitutional offices.

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Living in new times

Until recently we were concerned about the dilution of our culture due to the influence of the West.  We were not alone.  The whole of Asia, home to rich cultures and traditions, was worried.  To counter the decadent western influence, some rose to the occasion.

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A safe haven

The Global Tiger Day observed yesterday was to be celebrated indeed. A report on the tiger population revealed that Bhutan is richer by about 28 more tigers than the last count 17 years ago. We now have 103 Royal Bengal tigers.

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The price of appeal

The judiciary had been busy in the last many days. There were orders issued, interpretations made and a call for uniformity in application of laws. These are welcome moves in the interest of dispensing fair trials and judgments, besides bolstering trust in the judiciary.

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Collective responsibility

Last week, about 30,000 hedge saplings were planted along the 6.2km divider of the Thimphu–Babesa expressway. The ornamental plants will bloom soon, or next spring, making the drive to the city an aesthetically pleasant experience.

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