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These changing times

There is a growing perception among the middle-aged and elderly that the younger generations are showing less respect for those older than them.

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Knock our socks off

In another move towards encouraging the private sector and lowering imports, the education ministry has chosen a local socks manufacturing firm to supply its 51 Central Schools with socks.

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A lesson for us all

Three days after the second local government elections, we are yet to get the final or the real results of what the election commission said was a “historic” achievement.

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Election and lessons

Elections are over. We have elected our gups, mangmis and tshogpas. Local governments are now back in place after quite a break, which means development plans in the dzongkhags and the gewogs can now take off. What is important is that we achieve the planned development activities within the stipulated time frame.

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As nation goes to polls today

The nation goes to the polls today. Leading up to the day, we have held 1,014 common forums. A total of 402,089 voters will cast their ballot today as polls open from 9 am. It is the consummation of hard work we have put together to build a strong democratic culture.

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Taking a moment to thank the Founder

As Drukyul celebrates the 400th year of Zhabdrung Rinpoche’s arrival in the country, it is indeed most appropriate to organise an exhibition of his sacred relics to the general public. The Royal Textile Academy’s exhibition is timely, and provides an opportunity for  Bhutanese to pay homage and thank the Founder of our Drukyul.

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Wishing ourselves well

For the Bhutanese, the Blessed Rainy Day is one of the important occassions in the almanac this side of the sunny street. The festival that falls in September marks the end of the rainy season. This, too, is the beginning of the season of plenty and celebrations.

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System up

The government recently introduced several new Government to Business (G2B) services.

We commend them for this milestone. This is the first time citizens can access G2B services.

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