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LG elections: Some healthy developments

As we prepare for the local government elections, we are hearing some encouraging news. Local governments have to be strong and efficient if development must reach the rural pockets of the country. Otherwise, the whole purpose of decentralisation of power will be defeated.

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An interesting change

A Significant development has occurred in the financial market.

For the first time, customers in the country have the option of variable interest rate loans versus fixed interest rate loans.

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Making Dzongkha learning effective

Learning Dzongkha has been challenging for many. That’s perhaps why it couldn’t be a popular medium of instruction in schools. But learning of the language could be made easier and more effective.

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Civil service reform hiccups

The recent civil service reform is making headlines after a group of in-service civil servants shared their dissatisfaction and even approached the Prime Minister with their grievances. The Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) justified the reform to build a professional, apolitical and meritocratic civil service.

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Changing Bhutan

There weren’t so many buildings and roads. We had more land under cultivation that would turn lush green in summer and vastly aureate in winter. And our streets were safe and by much quieter. That was a long time ago.

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Encouraging a research culture

In another welcome move, the education ministry has introduced the Sherig Endowment Fund with the objective of providing equitable access to quality education to children across the country.

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