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Dealing with alcohol

Bhutanese have a complicated relationship with alcohol. It is so deeply rooted in our culture that even as we know that alcohol is behind most of the social vices we are grappling with today, we cannot pull ourselves to keep it at a distance.

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Protecting our young

Our children are being exposed to more digital pornography.

More than 20 percent of children in a recent study conducted by the National Commission for Women and Children reported exposure to digital pornography.

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Where government’s focus should be

The automobile workshop area in Olakha has been growing into a kind of community over the years. It is not the safest of places in Thimphu today, especially for children. The community has become home to gang fighters, looters and dangerous night-time hooligans.

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Setting an example

One moment, our Prime Minister is rubbing shoulders with leaders of the world calling for regional collaboration, the next, he is on a hill picking up our trash.

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Karmic connection of two Nations

As Bhutan declared October 14 a day of mourning and the national flag flew at half-mast for three days to mourn the sad demise of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, we experienced a special bond shared by our two Buddhist Kingdoms.

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Scam alert

It’s happened again.

Police have arrested two in connection with a scam promising employment in the US. Sixteen victims paid at least Nu 30,000 each.

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Intervention required

Most tenants in Phuentsholing are at the mercy of their landlords.

You either silently accept any increase in the rent, even if it is twice in one year, or risk being evicted.

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Investing now to save later

While on the one hand, the government is talking about building a top-quality East-West highway that will make Bhutanese proud, some gewog connectivity roads are disintegrating even before blacktopping work is completed.

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Let’s join the little ones

We are progressing. We are prospering. We have seen rapid economic development over the years. Our society is no longer what it was just a few decades ago. We have made quite a stride for which we should rightfully be proud of.

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Get involved

An important survey on drug use in the country begins this month.

The resulting study will attempt to provide us with concrete information on who are using drugs, what drugs they’re abusing, and how they’re abusing it. A picture will also be painted of what the social and health impacts of drug use are.

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