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Celebrating literature

Mountain Echoes is home again. It is the 7th edition of the festival that celebrates the rich cultures and traditions of the region. Great minds and brilliant heads have come to share their experiences. What is so beautiful about this festival is that we can tell and listen to stories myriad.

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Why no funds for LG candidates?

As we prepare for the local government elections, we are reminded yet again of the unfair treatment in the system that could have a serious impact on the nation in the long term. Perhaps this is the right time, if there are ears ready to listen, to make necessary changes so that the whole of our governance system doesn’t go haywire.

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Gyentag is a significant achievement for women

The conferment of Gyentag by His Majesty The King is a significant achievement for the Bhutanese women. It’s a masterstroke that will go down in the history marking the important roles played by women and recognition of gender equality in our society.

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One resignation too many

An MP has resigned after his application for extended leave to study abroad was not accepted.

Apparently there are no legal provisions upon which an MP can be granted a lengthy study leave.

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Need to know one’s duties well

The Prime Minister at the 26th Meet the Press programme in Thimphu said that the Constitution gives us the right to freedom of expression but that right does not mean we can undermine others’ rights.

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Lugar theatre is a witness to change

Lugar Theatre has a unique place in the history of our capital city, Thimphu. Many elders and adults may have many fond memories of the cinema hall, which may have been the only place for modern entertainment available in the 1960s. Perhaps, the theatre is a true witness to the change we Bhutanese are experiencing and also a reflection of how far we have come as nation.

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Need to get things right

We are getting things terribly wrong. What are our responsibilities and rights, we seem to forget quite pathetically easily. If one cannot even bare a word of caution, forget criticism, there is a problem.

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