Wednesday , August 31 2016
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Openness to work together will help both government and media

Media freedom is important. Where press cannot be free, there will be corruption, lack of accountability and transparency. It is not for no reason that Edmund Burke said nearly two centuries ago that yonder in the reporters’ gallery is a fourth estate more important far than all the eminent and venerable branches of the government.

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Our uphill battle with tobacco

World No Tobacco Day was observed in the country last week.

Among the events that day, the Bhutan Narcotics Control Authority received a meritorious certificate from the World Health Organisation for their clear vision and outstanding contributions towards combatting tobacco use.

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Exploiting drone technology

The Department of Geology and Mines is using a drone to map the Thimphu-Wangdue tunnel area. Its use is expected to significantly reduce the cost of the geological and engineering investigation, thereby also potentially preventing the overall project cost from being exceeded, which is normally the case here.

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Securing our systems

Many are shocked by the recent incident in which two organisations were duped into sending large sums of money to an unauthorised third person or organisation abroad. What has particularly struck observers is that the issue concerns the audit authority and the Bank of Bhutan; two organisations that shouldn’t be ...

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Illegal immigration, a national concern

The National Council’s (NC) concern on the rising number of illegal immigrants based on the Legislative Committee’s report must receive attention and priority of the relevant authorities. It will have huge repercussions on the country’s sovereignty and security if left unattended.

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Protecting our environment and wildlife

Bhutan is ranked among the top 10 percent of the countries with the highest species density in the world. We take environment and biodiversity conservation seriously, so much so that our Constitution requires us to maintain at least 60 percent of our land under forest cover at all times to come.

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