Friday , June 23 2017
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Building for tomorrow

During a recent conference on design, it was pointed out that Thimphu city does not reflect the principles of GNH, at least when it comes to public spaces.

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GAOs deserve a better deal

We read the concerns that Gewog Administrative Officers (GAOs) have raised regarding Royal Civil Service Commission’s (RCSC) letter to the home secretary last month as more than just valid and timely. If the real purpose of the move is to retain GAOs, RCSC could have resorted to a much more rational measure.

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Losing the axe for want of a needle?

Thirty-two farmers from five villages in Punakha are in court for a crime that stemmed out of a water shortage problem. They could most likely get a minimum of one year in prison  for damaging reservoir tanks and pipes of the other village. There is no denying what they did ...

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Need to reframe autism and stigma

As we observed World Autism Awareness Day on Sunday, what dawned on many is that there is today a need to break stigma associated with special needs people. Diagnosis and treatment for many families become difficult because of stigma and shame.

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We learn from mistakes

A reinvestigation has confirmed that a bar was in operation and sale of alcohol occurred during a party held on the Tendu Central School campus on the nights of March 5 and 6. We applaud the education ministry for reopening the case and looking into the allegations.

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