Friday, January 30th, 2015 - 6:22 AM
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The consensual sex clause

The National Assembly missed an opportunity to relook at one provision in the penal code, which many feel should be revisited, and propose an amendment.  The issue is about consensual sex. The issue came out of Dagana dzongkhag.  The representative submitted that the provision puts men at the losing end, as the provisions of the penal code punished them with second-degree felony, even if they had engaged in consensual sex with a girl between the ages of 16 and 18.  Going by the book, it [... Read More]

The pool vehicle pickle

Pool vehicles will not be withdrawn, at least for now.  Rather, the finance ministry will come up with an overall policy on the pool vehicle system. This is a new development in the long drawn out pool vehicle story.  To remind ourselves, withdrawing 932 pool vehicles was recommended as one of the means to fund the civil servant, local government and member of parliament salary revision. The revision went ahead, despite opposition from the National Council, which was not convinced about the source of funding.  [... Read More]

We are what we eat

Thimphu city will have six open-air gymnasiums in the near future, with a ‘for those who cannot afford gym membership” tag.  This is a welcome initiative to promote a healthy lifestyle. The facts on non-communicable diseases (NCD) revealed are a worry and an irony.  Not long ago, we were dealing with malnutrition; not having enough to eat was a cause of our unhealthy lives.  The trend seems to have reversed, at least in some parts of the country.  We are now dealing with diseases that [... Read More]

Great expectations of an august body

We are now into the fourth session of the second Parliament.  Of the many legislations that the two houses will deliberate over the next few weeks, there are a couple of bills that will be tabled for amendment.  Changes and adaptations must be made if laws call for amendment to better serve their purpose.  We hope that our parliamentarians will do so in good faith, with all due respect to the principles of parliamentary procedure. Finger-pointing is the basest, the most squalid form of debate.  [... Read More]

Occupational hazard oversight

Villagers in Bidung are mourning the death of the four men, who were electrocuted when trying to erect an electric pole on Wednesday.  It was an unfortunate incident from which the fathers couldn’t return from work.  It was an extreme accident, but not really surprising, given the standard of safety measures at work. The Bidung incident was attributed to the negligence of the line operator.  The men were electrocuted, when one of the conductor wires was still active with current, although the line operator was [... Read More]

From houses to homes

As did all the dzongkhags and communities in the country, Changjiji housing complex in Thimphu organised cultural programmes on Tuesday to celebrate the 59th birth anniversary of the Fourth Druk Gyalpo.  But the higher purpose of the celebration for the people of Changjiji was to bring together the fast disintegrating community.  What an auspicious occasion indeed! Modernity has given us an awful lot of good things.  Our health and education systems in particular stand testimony to that.  At the same time, we have helplessly lost [... Read More]

The perfect gift

Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay’s address to the nation in Changlimethang ground yesterday, at the launch of the 60th birth anniversary, was packed with messages. The Prime Minister, in paying tribute on behalf of the people of Bhutan, touched every aspect of the enlightened leadership his Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo provided us in his 34 years of reign. The address spoke the minds of most Bhutanese in thanking the selfless leadership of His Majesty in steering the country to what it is now. Following the [... Read More]

A moment to pay tribute

As  the nation comes together to celebrate the 59th birth anniversary of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo, officially launching the onset of the 60th birth anniversary of the Druk Gyalpo next year, there is a big question ringing in many an ear.  What is the especial significance of 60? While everyone is trying to interpret their own take on the number 60, the importance of the day goes much beyond the birth anniversary celebrations.  We are honouring the service of a monarch, who best [... Read More]

Focus on education

Indian President Pranab Mukherjee identified education as one of the many areas as a vision for future cooperation before he landed in the country on his two-day state visit. On Saturday, the government of India handed over a cheque of Nu 1.3B, of which the highest chunk is for the School Reform Programme.  The government of India had committed Nu 3.5B in all towards this project.  The reform programme is initiated to improve the quality and efficiency of the education system.  One way to do [... Read More]

Ensuring security

As family members of the truck drivers still held in captive by kidnappers across the border in Gelephu remain in shock, and try to come to terms with what has happened to them, there is an air of optimism on security prospects along the southern border. A 30-kilometre wall is being planned to secure the border from Gelephu to Singye gewog.  The porous border and the thick jungle provided a safe haven for miscreants across the border to come and rob or kidnap innocent villagers.  [... Read More]

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