Wednesday , December 2 2015

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The Chamkharchu debate

Since the impact of development on the natural environment was recognised decades ago, mankind has been debating the impact of dams. It is always conflicting as we talk about reducing human misery and destroying rivers and its ecosystem. This is quite apparent in developing countries.

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A good dilemma?

Reflective of the priorities of a developing country, engineers - electric, mechanical or civil is of great demand. The many roads and bridges, the towns and the mega projects we build every year demand a huge pool of engineers.

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For food self sufficiency

The agriculture department has an ambitious, but important target of bringing about 79,040 acres, roughly about 32 international football-ground sized paddy fields under improved irrigation systems. That would be an achievement towards ensuring food security.

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Protecting the national workforce

Much to the relief of thousands of people who work as daily wage earners, the labour ministry has revised the daily wage by about 30 to 35 percent. The percentage when translated to actual cash will not be much given their already low wage, but they will still welcome the raise.

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Keeping board members happy

In the corporate business setting, the board of directors is the most powerful and the highest decision making body. The directors are respected people, experts in the field and highly knowledgeable in directing the company or a project in achieving its missions and visions.

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Bringing youth in focus

It was not a week for the youth or the children, but from the frenzy of activities related to youth and children this week, we could as well call it one.

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A modern spectre?

Here is the story of change we bring to you today, a very worrying story of change indeed. It would do us good if we listened to this story this day and prepared ourselves for the coming days. Future is going to be difficult, all the more.

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