Wednesday , October 7 2015

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The price of appeal

The judiciary had been busy in the last many days. There were orders issued, interpretations made and a call for uniformity in application of laws. These are welcome moves in the interest of dispensing fair trials and judgments, besides bolstering trust in the judiciary.

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Collective responsibility

Last week, about 30,000 hedge saplings were planted along the 6.2km divider of the Thimphu–Babesa expressway. The ornamental plants will bloom soon, or next spring, making the drive to the city an aesthetically pleasant experience.

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Back with a bang

When the first HIV case was detected in the country in 1993, the public responded with alarm and panic. It was a cause of deep concern.

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Saving cost and lives

That chronic kidney disease is on the rise is not alarming. What is alarming is the rate at which it is being detected. By any standard, diagnosing a dozen people every month is disturbing, if not frightening.

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Representing Gasaps

Gasa dzongkhag has a lot of things to boast about. It is home to the snow leopard, the red panda, some of the highest peaks, glacial lakes, has a popular hot spring and is entirely in a national park.

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Reminding elected leaders

In highlighting a perennial problem, residents of Samdrupjongkhar thromde, or a section of them, are reminding their elected leader of the pledges and promises he made four years ago.

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A changing of the guard

This week, Bhutan will see another important milestone passed in its journey as a democracy when three chairpersons of constitutional offices retire after completing their terms

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