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Disciplining ourselves financially

Judging by the vehicles on our roads, the smart phones in our pockets, and large flat screen televisions adorning our walls, you could be forgiven for thinking that Bhutan is not a least developed country.

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A learning process

The government’s helicopter has received mixed reviews from firefighters.

Some are of the opinion that the helicopter’s water drops were ineffective, especially during the Thimphu fires, while some say it played a major role pointing to the Haa fire.

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Reach the unreached

The government has made much progress in bringing public services closer to its citizens in recent years through the establishment of community centres.

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For greater equality

We join the international community in observing the International Women’s Day today calling for equity once again. Every year the Day gets the attention of the world in raising concerns of discrimination, injustice or inequality against women.

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A good tendrel

It was indeed a happy get-together. Bhutanese came by the thousands. Not only in Thimphu, but also in all the 20 dzongkhags, to take part in planting trees in dedication to His Royal Highness The Gyalsey.

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No joking matter

A public debate has emerged on freedom of expression when it comes to humor, and on whether religion or religious institutions cannot be the subject of jokes.

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Ensure privacy of mobile users

The amount of third-party SMS ads we receive from our telecom companies may not be as large as in other countries or as annoying but some mobile phone users are concerned and rightly so.

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