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The ada rachu debate

A public debate has ensued on the ada rachu rule. The home ministry now requires that all women use only the ada rachu and not patterned rachus.

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Finding results

More than 400 paan shop owners pledged their support towards achieving a drug-free society at a meeting with authorities this week.

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Taking care of public property

Our people lack civic sense. Our people are careless, and heartless, too. Our people are irresponsible. We do not know how to take ownership of our shared wealth and spaces. And we are a lot pitifully ungrateful, venal and vastly vainglorious.

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Preparing for the big one

Bhutan, located in the young Himalayan mountains, sits on one of most seismically active zones in the world. As the Indian subcontinent collides against the Eurasian plate, the Himalayas are being pushed upwards at the rate of about a centimetre every year.

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Putting safety first

Our homes are increasingly becoming unsafe. What makes it worse is that there is no regulating body to ensure that the owners of the buildings and tenants maintain certain safety measures.

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When a nation sees its future

Yesterday, the nation celebrated the naming ceremony of HRH The Gyalsey at Punakha Dzong. Outside the magnificent 17th century fortress, the Thangzona was teeming with people. For the Bhutanese young and old, the day had special significance.

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