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Illegal immigration, a national concern

The National Council’s (NC) concern on the rising number of illegal immigrants based on the Legislative Committee’s report must receive attention and priority of the relevant authorities. It will have huge repercussions on the country’s sovereignty and security if left unattended.

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Protecting our environment and wildlife

Bhutan is ranked among the top 10 percent of the countries with the highest species density in the world. We take environment and biodiversity conservation seriously, so much so that our Constitution requires us to maintain at least 60 percent of our land under forest cover at all times to come.

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Including everyone

The Centenary Park in Thimphu is now accessible to people with disabilities.

The adaptation is part of an initiative of Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen to make public spaces accessible to people with disabilities.

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Investing in teachers critical

We must invest in teachers. Skilled and happy teachers will make all the difference in the system and in the lives of our children. Investing in our teachers is at the heart of the enterprise that may be called nation-building.

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A small but significant shift

A youth group will assume the cleaning responsibilities for two neighbourhoods in Thimphu city.

The thromde has contracted out the responsibility to the Youth Social Service Centre, which is composed of 22 members.

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Learning from experience

The country’s budget for the 2016-17 fiscal year has been revealed.

One of the highlights of the budget includes the government’s proposal for a Dzongkhag Development Grant (DDG) of Nu 7 million for each dzongkhag.

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Reclaiming our soul?

At a time when our arable land is increasingly becoming smaller, it is reassuring to learn that agriculture ministry is making efforts to reclaim cultivable land.

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Cleaning house

The exit-survey conducted by the Tourism Council last year has revealed that road conditions topped complaints from tourists.

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