Monday, March 30th, 2015 - 7:02 AM
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English II exam should be held again

Bhutan Council for School Examination and Assessment (BCSEA) has now confirmed that English II question paper for Class XII’s board examination had leaked. We are hearing that questions were passed through short message service (SMS) among students. Some students got the questions the night before the exam.  Others learnt about it just a few hours before they entered examination hall. We are also hearing that it all started from a school in Paro. If further investigation is needed to fix accountability on individual(s) or institution(s), [... Read More]

Sharing cost

Starting  next year, the health ministry will bear the cost of procuring some contraceptives that is provided free of cost to the people today. Within five years, they will have to bear 10 percent of the cost of all contraceptives procured before they totally take over gradually. That is going to be a huge strain to the already burdened free health system. It is not clear if funding agencies are gearing to pull out as the country records significant development in its health sector, but [... Read More]

Many questions

what is happening? This is a question on the minds of many Bhutanese as the government surrendering three senior secretaries continues to make media headlines. With papers and letters of correspondence leaking to social media followed by government issuing statements justifying their stand, there seems to be more questions arising even as news media attempts to find out the details. Besides the questions, there is also a great deal of confusions being created by new developments. The three secretaries bound by civil service rule cannot [... Read More]

Besting the best

From being one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, we have taken quite a beating recently. Our GDP growth stands at 2.05 percent today. Tourism sector has perhaps been the only sector in the country that has been resilient to the effects of economic slump. It is still one of the leading sectors contributing to the country’s GDP. Last year, 44,281 tourists visited Bhutan that translated to revenue worth USD 63.5 million.  Until October this year, we have received 47,690 visitors. That is USD [... Read More]

Need to strengthen border security

Abduction and robbery along the southern borders of the country is becoming a major national concern. A 14-year-old student was abducted from Gelephu on the night of December 16. The number of people kidnapped from the Bhutanese soil has reached 14 with this incident. Counting from 2012, that is. This is a big number. Of the total kidnapped, three have yet to come home to their aggrieved and worried family. This year, as of December 10, Kuensel has reported nine cases of robbery in the [... Read More]

Need to bolster local economy

A lot of spectators at the 107th National Day celebration in Kanglung on December 17 couldn’t comprehend the significance of the individual recognition His Majesty the King awarded. But there were also those who understood the importance of recognising farmers and their individual initiatives. To many it was the most appropriate recognition in a perfect setting with thousands of farmers among the spectators. Sanga, 34, a farmer, said that such recognition encourages farmers like him to work harder, not for awards, but for the importance of [... Read More]

Looking straight into our soul

We are a people who are proud of our own actions. We do not do things that will have us regret and hang our heads down with remorse. That has been the essence of Bhutanese diplomacy. But as the country develops year after year, we will increasingly face new challenges. We must be able to negotiate new challenges. That was His Majesty the King’s message from Kanglung in Trashigang on the 107th national day yesterday. Corruption is the biggest problem facing the country today. We [... Read More]

The 107th National Day

Sherubtse College in Kanglung, Trashigang is all decked up for the 107th National Day celebrations. Apart from the new look that the college got draped itself in, the story is more than just that of nation coming together.  December 17 is important and sacred. Trashigang is holding the beat of the nation. The cold weather and the light showers have not dampened the festive mood. The people here are on fire. They need this celebration to be the best in the history of the country. [... Read More]

Nation comes together

The otherwise quiet Trashigang has become a beehive of activity. There is excitement in the air. The 107th National Day celebration that is due tomorrow has pulled the people together like never before. His Majesty the King and Gyaltsuen, His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo and the members of the Royal family will grace one of the biggest celebrations the dzongkhag has ever seen in recent memory. The dzongkhag will see the largest gathering of people. About 25,000 people are expected to gather at the [... Read More]

New hopes from new REC

The news of the merger of former Royal Education Council (REC) and Department of Curriculum Research and Development (DCRD) to form the new REC is indeed significant. It shows we have now realised that we have allowed too much duplication of responsibilities and output between the two important educational bodies in the country.  We could have employed the meagre resources more meaningfully. It is good news because headway has now been made to create an apex institution that will help education grow. Therefore, the new [... Read More]

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