Monday , November 30 2015

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Losing values?

Today we look back on the journey we have made beginning some four and fifty years ago, remarkable milestones we have covered along the way, and astounding successes we have achieved together as a country.

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Shaking up the civil service

Monks of the Zhung dratsang are known for their wit. A common one, not very popular with senior monks, is when they are asked to make room when sitting for prayers at the Kunrey (congregation hall).

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In the interest of education

One year ago this week, the Education Minister allayed fears that the Royal Education Council will be dissolved. The minister relayed the information, as speculations were rife that the Council would be dissolved or merged with the education ministry’s department of curriculum and research development (DCRD).

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Paying for services

With a good measure of rainfall this monsoon; there were no issues of water shortage, even if it was muddy, for a while in the capital city. Soon the monsoon will retreat, our catchment areas will be drier and residents will start complaining.

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Robbing the system

Not long ago, many Bhutanese, especially in the construction and business sector suffered because of the measures put in to curb the outflow of the Indian Rupee (INR). Among them were the private individuals who were building homes.

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The buck stops with parents

It is not that we never could understand why our young people are increasingly drawn to committing crimes. But we now have a study that points to certain causative factors and gives validity to our observations.

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Our complicated relationship with drink

Alcohol is so deeply ingrained in Bhutanese life that it pervades every aspect of our culture and our daily lives. In fact, it could be said that there is hardly a family in our society that is not in one way or another touched by alcoholism.

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Ensuring quality works

The Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay communicated a strong message to the 23 contractors who are widening the East-West highway: that he will personally monitor their progress and quality of work. Any poor quality would result in repercussions such as loss of future government contracts.

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