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Managing our land sustainably

Bhutan is losing about 3.34 tonnes of topsoil per hectare every year. Where sustainable land management techniques and practices are not implemented, soil loss increases eightfold to 24.61 tonnes a hectare.

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Deja vu?

The Paro dzongkhag tshogdu has decided to have uniform signboards throughout Paro. This is a welcome move, that should apply to all dzongkhags, but only as long as the uniformity is restricted to a certain level.

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Calling voters and candidates to the polls

More than 3,000 aspirants have passed functional literacy test (FLT) for the upcoming local government elections. Election commission’s efforts to take the message of adult franchise to the farthest pockets of the country seem to have paid off. It deserves our commendations.

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Need to iron things out

As local government elections approach, local leaders are faced with a dilemma, a quandary that needs to be solved as quickly as we can. Blaming each other will not do anyone any good. What is vitally necessary is that the offices that are involved should have the courage to iron out creases in the Laws.

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