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Entrepreneur role models

Several young entrepreneurs were recognised for their business ideas at a competition this week.

The ideas ranged from using glass to make bricks, to using paper to make pencils.

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Journey: Fun on the Bhutanese roads

Let us take a ride, just for fun. Well, we could have a little more along the journey. Why not, spectacular vistas besides? Ah, let us look at the roadside cautions and signs that stare straight back at us.

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Questions to ask

The shooting that occurred over the weekend has shocked us. A bank’s security guard, using a high powered rifle, shot another employee of the bank in the shoulder. The bullet exited and went through a window. Police are yet to find where the bullet eventually ended up.

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Watching how we watch?

Thimphu is getting a new face, so to speak.  Its city lines and corners are getting a makeover of a sort. Holes are being dug and CCTV cameras are being fixed on the electric poles.

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The BBIN debate

Arguments about the merit and demerits of the Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal (BBIN) motor vehicle agreement are flying back and forth.

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Supporting art and artists

It is good news that the government has instituted the endowment fund for arts. The fund will immensely benefit artists and filmmakers because the fund will support artistic excellence, innovation and creativity, among others.

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