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Storm after the calm

We are poor farmers. Why are we attacked? This is a question victims of kidnapping often ask as villagers along the borders in Gelephu and Sarpang live in insecurity.

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For indeed, central schools must succeed

Ideas grand and novel have a way to not work and give some really severe heartaches. But then, if every idea that pulsated with some semblance of life in the head of thinking men found a fecund home, there would scarcely be any problem in the world.

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Fire hazards

In the end, nature always triumphs.

After much media buzz and public adoration in its first few days of firefighting in front of a large audience, the government’s helicopter remained on the ground as the Chuzom fire burned thousands of acres of forest.

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LG elections need state support

It looks like local government (LG) elections could become a sad affair in our much-exalted system of governance. In a democracy, every little part has their role to play. No institution is too big or too small. Are we reducing LG to a trifling that will not matter whether or not it exists?

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Preventing forest fires

With seven forest fire incidents in the last five days since Losar, it has been a busy start to the New Year for forestry officials and others who are engaged in battling the flames. This is the fire season and we can expect many more.

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A good opportunity

The government’s plan of recruiting youth at dzong construction sites, as envisaged, would solve two problems simultaneously. While ensuring workers in the form of young unemployed people, it will also help solve the labour shortage problem.

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Let them eat thukpa

Common sense has prevailed. The government has made the right decision in allowing street hawkers or vendors to ply their trade on the streets of Thimphu city.

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