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Ignore the noise

It is a pity that we are still divided about women participating in khuru tournaments.

But that is to be expected of societies in transition.

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Catching up with history

When it comes to our drainage systems, we may be finally catching up to the Indus valley civilization. Some may dismiss the preceding statement as journalistic hyperbole but the ancient city’s drainage system was an elaborate one.

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Sharing the burden

Exactly a decade ago, a Kuensel editorial warned the people about the hazards of a good life. New trend of health problems that doctors call lifestyle disease were just beginning to emerge.

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Disciplining ourselves financially

Judging by the vehicles on our roads, the smart phones in our pockets, and large flat screen televisions adorning our walls, you could be forgiven for thinking that Bhutan is not a least developed country.

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A learning process

The government’s helicopter has received mixed reviews from firefighters.

Some are of the opinion that the helicopter’s water drops were ineffective, especially during the Thimphu fires, while some say it played a major role pointing to the Haa fire.

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