Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 - 4:20 PM
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A dangerous game

At an intensive care unit in a hospital in Kolkata, an 11-year-boy is suffering for no fault of his own. The boy has been unconscious since he was airlifted to the hospital on July 11.  Although the metal arrow that pierced his skull was removed, the boy has not regained consciousness.  Doctors have reduced sedation to assess the condition of the boy to external stimulation.  The boy is in a vegetative state. On that fateful day, had he been a metre ahead or behind, he [... Read More]

What we eat

Bhutanese are spoilt for choice when it comes to imported food items.  Our shops, from Thimphu to Dorokha, are now laden with a range of goodies, as our importers explore new places for variety, to stay ahead of the competition. But like we say, more does not mean better always.  We have to look at the quality of what is sold and consumed.  And at some stage, consider steps to control the quality of items being sold to protect the health and safety of the [... Read More]

Post the World Cup

Expect many sick leaves or excuses to come late to office today.  The World Cup finals just finished this morning. The month-long football festival has finally got over and, like everyone else around the world we lost much sleep watching the most watched sports event on earth. From Thimphu to Maracana, the FIFA World Cup gets the attention of millions of fans all over the world.  While there were heartbreaks and jubilant fans, including among Bhutanese, the world’s best sporting event, although only 32 nations [... Read More]

Stuck-up or stoked

The idea of a stakeholders consultation meeting is to encourage and engage in dialogue, so what’s proposed is effectively communicated, reviewed and agreed upon based on consensus.  This will promote accountability. In the past three days, at the information and communication ministry’s conference room, stakeholders and ministry officials reviewed the draft for the revised Bhutan Information Communication and Media (BICM) Act. In this case, since it is an amendment Act, the draft, once finalised, will be presented to a Parliament, and supposedly speak for itself [... Read More]

On cars again

To the relief of aspiring car owners, the government will finally lift the ban on import of vehicles from next week.  The finance minister will notify relevant agencies to do the needful. It has been more than two years since import of vehicles was banned, which initially started as a temporary measure to curb the outflow of Indian rupees.  The government was under pressure to lift the ban and, to be fair, it was never a wise decision to stop citizens from buying vehicles.  Vehicles [... Read More]

Financing further education

The education ministry’s idea of lending cheaper education loans, made possible through the economic stimulus plan (ESP), is a welcome idea. Each year, for the next five years, about 40 high school graduates wishing to pursue higher education can avail loan at a throwaway rate from the government.  Nu 30M will be allocated for education loan scheme. The catch is that the student has to have a minimum of 60 percent in academics, should come from a financially poor background, and pursue a course that [... Read More]

Daring to be decisive

The government is clear and firm on the pay revision decision the Assembly made. Notwithstanding the debate and criticism, the government said it would stick by what was endorsed.  There is less than three weeks for civil servants, constitutional post holders, and parliamentarians to receive their revised salary.  There is not going to be any turnaround. What we can take from, and after, the summer session of Parliament is that everybody played their role well.  The opposition, the National Council, the public and the political [... Read More]

Not a good trend

It was quite a spectacle at what police call the crime scene, on Saturday, when the police rescue team was retrieving a body from the Thimpchu near Olakha. Had something gone wrong at the crime scene, there were at least a hundred eyewitnesses to testify.  That was the number of people, who flocked to see police fish out the body.  Some had settled comfortably on the retaining wall, like they were at the Thimphu tshechu or at a wang ceremony. Looking at the crowd, curious [... Read More]

Fixing accountability

The villagers of Bikhar and Wungkhar gewogs in Drametse are feeling cheated.  And they have reasons to feel so. The rural water supply scheme in the gewogs, according to them, is not complete although it was officially handed over.  If the scheme was to supply drinking water to villagers, villagers are right – it was not completed. With their water posts dry, with some even without taps and others still being built, villagers are wondering how it was considered complete.  It may be easier to [... Read More]

From policy to practice

In what could be a huge step towards addressing the unemployment problem, the labour ministry yesterday launched its National Employment Policy 2013. The policy is aimed at helping the ministry tackle the issue of unemployment, especially among youth. On paper, goals and policy statements on how to create employment and align the employment market sounds appealing. The policy recommends, among others, clamping down on foreign recruitment, especially in areas where Bhutanese with appropriate skills are available. It also looks into providing incentives to businesses and [... Read More]

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