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What should we understand by autonomy?

Autonomy is freedom. There is no need for qualification or quantification beyond the word itself, plain as it is. But how do we understand, or rather sadly misunderstand, this precious little word that keeps echoing itself ever so loudly?

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Let agriculture grow and there will be jobs

Agriculture is Bhutan’s mainstay. It contributes to about 14 percent of the country’s gross domestic product.

This gives us the real picture of ourselves. It takes courage to look ourselves into the mirror and acknowledge our faults and merits. Have we done that? Earnestly enough?

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Who are we protecting?

There is a discomforting story that is circulating both through the word of mouth and social media.

An association that helps people addicted to drugs or alcohol, Chithuen Phendey, has written to the Royal Bhutan Police seeking their intervention in dealing with a beneficiary.

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Using free time effectively

Vacation season has come and our streets are already awash with many bright, young and promising faces. Exams are over and our children are celebrating their free time moving around, visiting friends and family.

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Public discourse, a necessity

The fear is that Bhutan will be overwhelmed by private vehicles and cargo trucks from Bangladesh and Nepal if it were to ratify the Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal Motor Vehicle Agreement (BBIN MVA).

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Fighting choeten vandalism

From the reports of choetens being vandalised and robbed off their nangtens (inner relics), it seems like the miscreants are on a choeten-robbing spree. In one week, 10 choetens were robbed in Mongar. That is a big number to comprehend.

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Yes, we can!

The international theme for observing this year’s World AIDS Day is “getting to zero”. It is an ambitious one- achieving zero new infection, zero death from HIV/AIDS and zero discrimination will be an uphill task. But the message is clear. We have to strive for that as a member of the global community.

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