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Editorial: GNH comes home

26 November, 2008 – The international GNH community has descended on Thimphu this week for the fourth international GNH conference. This is a response to a resounding call for GNH conferences to return to Bhutan at a time when they are being taken around the world.Now that it is here what should we expect the conference to achieve? What do the gathering of more than 100 people from 25 countries and numerous organisations have to say? In reality we should not expect too much more [... Read More]

Editorial: We need more will

22 November, 2008 – If people outside the country logged on to our discussions today they might get the impression that our society has suddenly developed a problem of drug and alcohol abuse. Even some Bhutanese tend to forget that it has been brewing for a long time.Alcohol has always been one of the main killers of Bhutanese people. Drug abuse began soon after Bhutan opened up to planned development and has deteriorated in recent years with more out-of-work youth living in the larger urban [... Read More]

Editorial: Where are the plans?

19 November, 2008 – In the aftermath of the Coronation celebrations we are left with a smaller crowd in Thimphu but not necessarily with less congestion. It seems a good time to take stock of the policies, and rules and regulations, that have an impact, not just on the traffic, but on urban living and on our economy as a whole.On the vehicle tax policy the government appears to be pursuing a populist policy in letting people buy and buy. While reasoned discourse indicates that [... Read More]

Editorial: Looking ahead

15 November, 2008 – If ever there was a week for reflection, this was it a time to think back on the dreams of our forefathers on the vision of our leaders on the aspirations of our youth and on the challenges of transition.All this was summed up in His Majesty the Kings Coronation address. As the world changes, our real challenge is to maintain the Bhutanese identity. In essence we preserve the qualities of a good human being that our ancestors represented, the values [... Read More]

Editorial: The strength of purity

8 November, 2008 – Thus the youngest democracy in the world crowned the youngest King in the world. As His Majesty spoke to the people yesterday, we began to understand the magnitude of the young Kings responsibilities and, indeed, the important role that our small society can play in the global arena.Many of us believe that Bhutan is a jewel at a time when humanity is going through intimidating changes, not all of it desirable. We do not mean to preach to the world but [... Read More]

Editorial: A journey through time

5 November, 2008 – We have not seen anything like it before. We may not see it again. Having made the journey from a monarchy to a democracy we celebrate change. At the same time we celebrate a reality – the Bhutanese system – that transcends change.When His Majesty the King returned from Punakha to Thimphu on November 2, it was not just a journey through time, it was an experience that touched our hearts and minds. Early in the day His Majesty noted that, [... Read More]

Editorial: A unique gift?

1 November, 2008 – We know that there is a Coronation taking place. People are out cleaning Thimphu city. Around the country, roads, bridges, monasteries, parks, books – in fact, just about every kind of project – are being rushed to be completed before the auspicious day. The police are out directing traffic and the crowds.There is a growing sense of excitement. We have no doubt that Bhutan will look good on Coronation Day. Many people have worked hard and people will have a good [... Read More]

Editorial: Our Coronation

29 October, 2008 – About 2,500 years ago a Prince walked away from his Palace, his material comforts, his Throne. He did it to help his people, through education and through spirituality. He eventually showed them, and the world, the path to enlightenment.Less than two years ago, another King walked away from his Throne. He also did it to help his people, having paved the way for his son to take over the responsibility to guide his kingdom into the future. On November 1, we [... Read More]

Editorial: Beyond the party

25 October, 2008 – As we anticipate the big party there is a need to look beyond the Coronation week to make it truly meaningful. For us the Coronation is not just an event. It symbolises a new chapter of Bhutanese history, an era that must inspire generations of Bhutanese people in the future.His Majesty the King has been repeating his vision for the future to leaders of the government, to the people, and mostly to the youth. This week His Majesty shared his priorities [... Read More]

Editorial: Who

22 October, 2008 – With visibility comes exposure. As the Bhutanese media start reporting on rural communities, we are beginning to see some problems in the otherwise peaceful existence of rural life. And we also see the inevitable reactions of a small society.Local leaders, their awareness heightened by the elections, are extremely conscious of publicity. They are keen to publicise activities that they are proud of and anxious to play down less complimentary developments in their communities. The media, being mandated to cover all issues, [... Read More]