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Editorial: A journey through time

5 November, 2008 – We have not seen anything like it before. We may not see it again. Having made the journey from a monarchy to a democracy we celebrate change. At the same time we celebrate a reality – the Bhutanese system – that transcends change.When His Majesty the King returned from Punakha to Thimphu on November 2, it was not just a journey through time, it was an experience that touched our hearts and minds. Early in the day His Majesty noted that, [... Read More]

Editorial: A unique gift?

1 November, 2008 – We know that there is a Coronation taking place. People are out cleaning Thimphu city. Around the country, roads, bridges, monasteries, parks, books – in fact, just about every kind of project – are being rushed to be completed before the auspicious day. The police are out directing traffic and the crowds.There is a growing sense of excitement. We have no doubt that Bhutan will look good on Coronation Day. Many people have worked hard and people will have a good [... Read More]

Editorial: Our Coronation

29 October, 2008 – About 2,500 years ago a Prince walked away from his Palace, his material comforts, his Throne. He did it to help his people, through education and through spirituality. He eventually showed them, and the world, the path to enlightenment.Less than two years ago, another King walked away from his Throne. He also did it to help his people, having paved the way for his son to take over the responsibility to guide his kingdom into the future. On November 1, we [... Read More]

Editorial: Beyond the party

25 October, 2008 – As we anticipate the big party there is a need to look beyond the Coronation week to make it truly meaningful. For us the Coronation is not just an event. It symbolises a new chapter of Bhutanese history, an era that must inspire generations of Bhutanese people in the future.His Majesty the King has been repeating his vision for the future to leaders of the government, to the people, and mostly to the youth. This week His Majesty shared his priorities [... Read More]

Editorial: Who

22 October, 2008 – With visibility comes exposure. As the Bhutanese media start reporting on rural communities, we are beginning to see some problems in the otherwise peaceful existence of rural life. And we also see the inevitable reactions of a small society.Local leaders, their awareness heightened by the elections, are extremely conscious of publicity. They are keen to publicise activities that they are proud of and anxious to play down less complimentary developments in their communities. The media, being mandated to cover all issues, [... Read More]

Editorial: Who is watching?

18 October, 2008 – Our discourse is getting more vibrant. It is also getting more complex and, sometimes, more confused. But this is natural in an emerging democracy and we welcome any effort to bring issues into the public domain.The next step is to make sure that discourse does not remain just talk. As issues are brought up in parliament, in the media, within government and non-official circles, we must pay heed. We must follow up. Today the anti corruption commission tries to follow up [... Read More]

Editorial: Where are the priorities?

15 October, 2008 – We are getting more qualified. About 1,200 university graduates are doing the orientation programme this year and many more are coming out of universities around the world. Soon we will be talking about thousands graduating every year.The literacy rate is increasing so fast that employment has become a national priority in recent years. At this stage we have recognised the problem but not found a solution. Are we falling into a trap that other societies are? There are jobs for doctors [... Read More]

Editorial: Coming together

11 October, 2008 – At a time of rapid change, when we are grappling with powerful external forces to preserve our heritage, the restoration of Gangteng Goenpa is an exciting initiative. It is an important example of a spiritual legacy being preserved by a private institution with full government support.With more than 100 international devotees of the Gangteng Trulku joining thousands of Bhutanese to celebrate the consecration yesterday, it is also a symbol of Bhutan sharing its heritage with the world. The devotees have all [... Read More]

Editorial: Moving on

08 October, 2008 – The five blind men are looking at the elephant again: one is touching the tusk and saying the elephant is like a spear, one is feeling the stomach and saying its like a wall, one is holding the trunk and saying its like a snake, one is grabbing the leg and saying its like a tree, one is holding the tail and saying its like a whip.The term night hunting is even more complex than an elephant. The basic flaw in [... Read More]

Editorial: GNH : the answer

4 October, 2008 – So Gross National Happiness made it to the UN General Assembly. The prime minister of the worlds youngest democracy, Lyonchhen Jigmi Thinley, offered a Himalayan perspective of global trends. Humanity, he said, strongly reflects an addiction to Gross Domestic Product today.The message was that the unrelenting series of problems faced by humanity is our own doing. The escalating oil prices, financial crisis, climate change, emerging new diseases, terrorism, poverty can all be traced back to deteriorating values. Human well-being and survival [... Read More]