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Editorial: From policy to reality

12 January, 2008 – Teaching history in Dzongkha this is one of the current dilemmas facing our school system. It needs to be debated and distilled into a good teaching initiative, not just to make Dzongkha work as a language of instruction, but as an example of how to implement policy decisions that are made by parliament.The history books for Class VII were translated into Dzongkha and introduced in 2006 and for Class VIII in 2007. We know, through experience, that history teachers have not [... Read More]

Editorial: Aiming high

9 January, 2008 – International observers at the National Council election on December 31 described Bhutans election as being free and fair. The UN system had the largest presence and, after observing a number of polling booths, described it as a well organized election. The Chief Election Commissioner of Manipur, who is used to election problems on a massive scale, including violence, thought it was an ideal election. The U.S. government made it a point to congratulate Bhutan in the international press.It appears that we [... Read More]

Editorial: Our first deep throats?

5 January, 2008 – InBhutan it is not just the pipes that are leaking. A few filing cabinets in Thimphu seem to have cracks in them. And papers are dropping out.A few stories in the Bhutanese media, in recent weeks, have anonymous sources. They have come from confidential, in some cases preliminary, documents that have reached the press. The documents themselves are not outstandingly sensational but they do raise questions, particularly within officialdom. It is not a new trend, in Bhutan or anywhere else. In [... Read More]

Editorial: A people

2 January, 2008 – The first National Council election was one for the history books. It was exciting for its symbolic value more than anything else. And it was a lesson in politics for election and government officials, politicians, and voters in Bhutan.The candidates stood on very diverse platforms and used different strategies. Some were reportedly supported by party workers of the political parties and some were allegedly obstructed by party workers. The backhanded impact of this was that it was the first real indication [... Read More]

Editorial: Some year-end thoughts

29 December, 2007 – We started 2007 with a royal visit to India and the signing of the updated India-Bhutan Friendship Treaty, symbolizing a new era of political stability. We end the year with the first stage of our parliamentary elections. In between we had much to talk about and much more to think about.The talk was mostly politics. With the Draft Constitution updated, 47 constituencies finalized, the National Assembly as well as the Lhengye Zhungtshog dissolved, and two political parties registered, democracy was on [... Read More]

Editorial: The National Council

28 December, 2007 – On the eve of the National Council elections what do we look forward to? Not much. it seems.As the candidates emerge and campaign and debate, we do not see our first generation of councillors playing a major role in the governance of the country. A majority of the candidates do not seem to be aware of the role and responsibility of the National Council. Over the past few weeks, they have been standing before the nation making promises that have nothing [... Read More]

Editorial: Council elections

26 December, 2007 – National Council candidates need to not only persuade voters to vote for them, they will need to urge people to actually come out and vote. There are a number of distractions that might keep Bhutanese voters away from the polling booths, even if it is the first time in the countrys history.In the northern regions, people have already moved south to warmer valleys for the winter. It will take some persuasion for them to go home to vote. A sizeable number [... Read More]

Editorial: From vision to reality

19 December, 2007 – It was a moment that carried the weight of Bhutanese history. On the morning of December 17, 2007, exactly 100 years after Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuck began the reign of the Wangchuck dynasty, the fourth Druk Gyalpo, His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck, and His Majesty the King, Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck, bowed to each other, their Royal Scarves lowered in the traditional gesture of respect.The father had achieved his destiny. The son was beginning his. It was the first public appearance by [... Read More]

Editorial: The ACC struggles on

15 December, 2007 – In celebrating a national corruption-free week, the honest, if not widely acknowledged, message portrayed by the Office of the Anti-Corruption Commission was as clear as it can get.It has identified the roots of corruption as a lack of transparency, the pressures of low income, greed stemming from poor moral values, and bureaucratic tangles. The results are poverty, social tensions, falling economic growth, social discrepancies, and injustice. But the crux of the message was that officialdom, meanwhile, is asleep and the people [... Read More]

Editorial: All on the same side

12 December, 2007 – So what is happening in Bhutanese politics? Who is winning? This is not just what every Bhutanese is being asked by friends outside, it is what we are all asking each other. And, at this stage, it appears that not many observers are ready to place their bets, mostly because we do not quite understand our electoral politics as well as we should.We know that the PDP was established first with the message that it will be an action-oriented party and [... Read More]