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Editorial: About quality of life

20 February, 2008 – This year, as we spruce up the capital city, main highways, and human habitat, it is a good time to think about the overall quality of our urban centres. Basic infrastructure and services are critical for survival in a city but Gross National Happiness demands more.In terms of broad aesthetics, the faade of our traditional architecture has given our towns an identity, albeit a superficial one. But it will always be a tussle as property owners try to build as high [... Read More]

Editorial: The politics of violence

16 February, 2008 – Is it safe to visit Bhutan? Bhutanese people were never asked this question before. In the aftermath of a number of bomb blasts in January and February, visitors are now concerned about their safety when they plan to visit Bhutan. And this may be something to worry about.People living outside Bhutan hear words like explosions and Maoists and immediately conjure up images of the violence and bloodshed in the region. The Maoists in Nepal have practically halted governance and crippled the [... Read More]

Editorial: Looking for a team

14 February, 2008 -As our election process moves into the next phase – the official campaign period – many of us are asking how it will differ from the past months. And, if we have not already decided, we will be asking ourselves whom we will vote for.A more important question, perhaps, is how we will decide. In many societies, people are already aligned to parties because of their ideologies. They will vote for a party because they agree with the partys stand on issues. [... Read More]

Editorial: Much to be done

12 February, 2008 What should we do at the end of a year? Look ahead to the new year. Bhutan, this year, has special reason to do so. We have been eagerly awaiting historic events like the celebrations of a centenary of the Bhutanese Monarchy, the parliamentary elections, and the Coronation of His Majesty the King, all scheduled for 2008. Our future, therefore, is already here.The year-long celebration of the centenary was symbolically launched with National Day 2007. The National Council election is over and [... Read More]

Editorial: Real security

2 February, 2008 – If, every single day, every Bhutanese respects our culture and traditions, our environment, if we uphold the law, if we safeguard everything that is important to Bhutan and to our future generations This is the peace, security, and prosperity I am talking about.This was what His Majesty the King told the nation when he addressed more than 1,000 graduates last year. The royal message was that real and sustainable security is not just the job of the military but of every [... Read More]

Editorial: Are we ready?

30 January, 2008 – Tourism will create 100,000 jobs in the 10th Plan. So do we stop worrying about the employment for a few thousand graduates and school leavers?Not quite. We need to understand the situation before we celebrate. And we need to know more before we understand the situation. As it appears, the tourism industry has been lifted out of the purview of a single government ministry and placed under a board with a wider representation. We understand that the wider representation will not [... Read More]

Editorial: Local government scenario

26 January, 2008 – We are anticipating significant and exciting political changes in the next few months. Some of us, especially our politicians, are preparing for the scenario. Some of us are not. Given the momentum of change, it might be time to give it serious thought.In two months we will have a new government. And, even as the two houses of parliament settle down at the centre, local governments will be preparing to adjust to the overall change. That will be an interesting scenario. [... Read More]

Editorial: The party member

23 January, 2008 Around the world the nature of membership to political parties seems to be divided into many categories, two of them broadly contrasting. In communist countries a party member seems to submit himself or herself to the party in his or her political as well as personal life. The member pays dues and obeys party instructions. In the west, membership seems to mean that the voter shares the ideology or political philosophy of a party and votes for the party but does not [... Read More]

Editorial: From policy to reality

12 January, 2008 – Teaching history in Dzongkha this is one of the current dilemmas facing our school system. It needs to be debated and distilled into a good teaching initiative, not just to make Dzongkha work as a language of instruction, but as an example of how to implement policy decisions that are made by parliament.The history books for Class VII were translated into Dzongkha and introduced in 2006 and for Class VIII in 2007. We know, through experience, that history teachers have not [... Read More]

Editorial: Aiming high

9 January, 2008 – International observers at the National Council election on December 31 described Bhutans election as being free and fair. The UN system had the largest presence and, after observing a number of polling booths, described it as a well organized election. The Chief Election Commissioner of Manipur, who is used to election problems on a massive scale, including violence, thought it was an ideal election. The U.S. government made it a point to congratulate Bhutan in the international press.It appears that we [... Read More]