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Editorial: Meeting new times

10 February, 2007 – Times have changed. The world has changed, India has
changed, and Bhutan has changed. By signing the India-
Bhutan Friendship Treaty this week Bhutan and India have responded to phenomenal changes in both countries and ensured that their unique and mutually beneficial bilateral relations will continue to grow into the future.As treaties go, the 1949 treaty has always been a symbol more than a real basis for bilateral relations. Bhutan and [... Read More]

Editorial: Towards reasoned decisions

8 February, 2007 – The consternation over the price of sand, with its
direct impact on the construction industry and
broader impact on the economy, raises many questions. It is worth looking at because it is or will be – representative of important trends that we will see in the near future.For example, do we know what we are getting into as we venture into the world of capitalism? Do we study the implications [... Read More]

Editorial: Information as a service

5 February, 2007 – It is encouraging that the government is determined
to reach the benefits of information technology to
the rural population. While the bigger goal of creating a knowledge-based society may be out of reach until computer literacy improves in Bhutan some practical steps would be of great benefit to our farmers now.We have already found out that installing computers in the gewog offices is not necessarily providing access. What we need is [... Read More]

Editorial: Keeping up with change

1 February, 2007 – The appointment of a new Gyaploi Zimpon and
the reorganisation of the office is an important
element in the evolution of Bhutanese society. It is yet another symbol of transition as one generation of people hand over responsibilities to another. And it is also a gesture of confidence of the new generation in accepting the responsibility.We know that new times have new needs and we are reassured that our system is [... Read More]

Editorial: A healthy evolution

29 January, 2007 – The RCSC has sent out a good message to the
civil service by decentralising the authority for
recruitment, training, and promotion of some civil servants to ministries and dzongkhags. It means that a system based on the assumption that these agencies could not be trusted with responsibility will now be based on the assumption that they are trustworthy.The biggest advantage is that the government has the flexibility to go ahead and [... Read More]

Editorial: Disclosing wealth

21 January, 2007 – Is a public official up to something if assets and
property owned is far beyond what the monthly salary can afford?This suspicion has long been on the minds of the Bhutanese public. Concrete buildings in the centre of town or the latest four-wheel drive zooming past in a cloud of dust are very visible assets.

In fact the rule that public officials should declare assets has existed since the 1980s. But the [... Read More]

Editorial: The value of public debate

18 January, 2007 – The Election Commission has made an important
clarification. Bhutanese citizens who want to
stand for elections must finalise their thrams now. It is a good perspective, giving aspiring leaders a deadline to register and taking the pressure off voters.But it does not mean that we forget about the responsibility of voting until 2008. We need to start thinking about and understanding our basic challenges today. And that we can do [... Read More]

Editorial: No credibility without enforcement

13 January, 2007 – The discussions of the National Assembly
sometimes crosses the boundaries of ethics,
morality, legality and the basic interpretation of right and wrong. As the nations highest legislative body it is good to know that such philosophical tenets are being kept in mind but it is also important that we do not lose sight of practical issues.When it comes to gambling we have enough experience with past laws, rules and policies. The [... Read More]

Editorial: The people

11 January, 2007 As the 86th session of the Assembly came to a close
on Monday, it was a moment to reflect on the deliberations of the past two weeks.Every session of the Assembly is significant. The 86th session assumed historic significance with the presence of the fifth Druk Gyalpo for the first time after taking over the responsibilities as Monarch and Head of State.

Many important issues discussed and legislation that will have a far-reaching [... Read More]

Editorial: Welcome to the real world

8 January, 2007 – We see another unfortunate reality as we
venture into the world of capitalism. The
Bhutan Beverages Company Limited (BBCL), that exuded promises of profits based on the popularity of Coca Cola in June, 2002, closes its doors on the face of expectant, and perhaps naive, shareholders.It is a shock for Bhutanese investors, large and small, because we are used to large dividends. Partly because our first industries were all monopolies, [... Read More]