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Electric blue (and not green)

IMG_20140722_152901From green to blue: All electric taxis imported into the country will have to be blue, the colour of hydropower, with a white top

Is to be the colour (with a white top) of the e-cabs, it has been confirmed Taxis: Electric taxis will have to abide by blue with white top paint scheme requirement, not a green one. Information and communications minister DN Dhungyel confirmed this latest development yesterday. Lyonpo explained that the blue colour scheme was decided during a meeting between the prime minister and the taxi community on June 23. The government had in March decided that all e-taxis would sport a green with white top [... Read More]

Gidakom households file complaint against blasting

IMG_5393Site inspection: DGM officials and employees from mining companies inspect the site where explosives were used. The use of explosives, it has been alleged, affected and caused damage to private structures.

DGM is investigating whether the stone quarry explosions have affected their houses Mining: Five households in Gidakom filed a complaint with the department of geology and mine’s regional office in Khasadrapchu, alleging that the blasting nearby had cracked the walls of their houses. The cracks, according to the house owners, developed after they felt a shock of something similar to an earthquake.  High intensive explosions, used at the approach road construction at the upper Gida stone quarry, around noon on July 12, had caused the [... Read More]

Mongar’s mangos

karma-and-his-nephew-sorting-mango-before-it-goes-to-marketBountiful harvest: Karma and his nephew sorting mangoes

The succulent fruit is fast becoming the district’s chief cash crop Horticulture: As highlanders harvest cordyceps this time of the year, farmers in the east are also busy, but with fruits of their own labour. Summer in the east is time for the juicy mango. Last year was a bad one for 63-year-old farmer Karma from Yunari in Saling, Mongar.  His 200 mango trees didn’t bear any fruit.  It is a different story this time.  He is busy harvesting the juicy fruit. It is hot [... Read More]

Chiwog weighs pros and cons of thromhood

IMG_20140718_132933To be or not to be: Chazam-Pam chiwog in Trashigang

The authority’s website features its verification process and other moves in the pipeline Chazam-Pam: The community of Chazam-Pam chiwog, comprising 60 households, is still not decided whether or not they should come under Trashigang throm. Villagers have their own reasons.   They say that becoming a part of throm meant a lot of obligation, while benefits were few. Villagers said the slow developmental progress, despite being a part of throm, and having to pay more, were discouraging. “Under throm rules, we need to apply for [... Read More]

Finding other means of funding

20140422_134203Home ministry no longer endorses petitions from families seeking donation to pay donors

Alternatives now have to be found to finance kidney patients in need of assistance Kidney: With the home ministry no longer endorsing petitions from families of renal failure patients to collect donations to pay kidney donors, an alternative will be sought to help patients who are genuinely in need, according to Bhutan Kidney Foundation (BKF). The foundation will be meeting the home and health ministry officials soon to discuss the issue. Options, such as allowing BKF to raise funds on behalf of patients, and placing [... Read More]

Audit holds action on Mangdechu Project

IMG_2172Lyonpo Norbu Wangchuk explains the advantages of opting for cut off walls over permeation grouting

Should any elements of corruption arise, the economic affairs ministry and minster will be held accountable. Hydropower: The Royal Audit Authority (RAA) has recently decided not to pursue further action on its two major observations in the operations of Mangdechu hydroelectric project authority (MHPA) in Trongsa following requests from the project’s chairman, the economic affairs minister. This, however, doesn’t mean that the RAA has dropped its memo. It has accepted the request on the ground that the chairman, Lyonpo Norbu Wangchuk and the ministry would [... Read More]

Officialdom versus volunteerism

IMG_1714Dogs in the centre in Yusipang

A longstanding conflict between officials concerned and a couple running an animal rescue centre comes to a head Yusipang: Officials from wildlife conservation, drug regulatory authority, and residents of Yusipang are at loggerheads with an animal rescue centre in Yusipang, Thimphu. The bone of contention is that Bhutanese officials feel the couple, who run Pilou medical centre, violated existing conservation and medicines laws. Wildlife conservation officials said the couple kept 20 Assamese macaques (monkeys) in captivity without permit from department of forest and park services. [... Read More]

Borehole solution to water shortage problem

IMG_0140Residents have been facing acute water shortage for decades without a solution to it

A temporary measure to a perennial scarcity until the town master plan is ready S/j Thromde: Although a temporary measure, Samdrupkongkhar residents will get some relief from the perennial water shortage issue, with the thromde planning to dig a borehole to tap underground water. The plan also includes reviving the existing defunct dug well to supplement water distribution and tap water from nearby streams as an immediate measure. Residents have been facing water shortage for decades without a possible solution to the issue. Samdrupjongkhar thrompon [... Read More]

Reaping the cordyceps rewards

IMG_9046Kinley Bidha and family in a hotel in Thimphu

After an arduous spell of collection, it’s time now to spend some hard-earned money Fungus: Months of hard work paid off, when Kinley Bidha’s ophiocordyceps sinensis was graded A plus, and fetched a handsome sum of Nu 550,000 at a recent auction in Damji. During the collection season, the timid and sunburnt highlander from Lunana collected about 500 grams of the fungus, literally scanning the grounds on all four. Kinley Bidha was the highest contributor in the A plus category, which totalled up to a [... Read More]

Tosa Nga – The greybeards of the range

IMG_8945Kha Tashi, 64

While this team of over-60s isn’t winning games, it’s sure capturing hearts  Archery: The camouflaged Intruder compound bow is hard to draw.  But at 64, Kha Tashi, like a tough guy, draws the bow with ease and aims it with squinted eyes.  The metal arrow leaves the bow at such a speed that Tashi’s eye can hardly catch the flight.  The arrow misses the target by a few inches.  Tashi bangs the side of his right thigh to express frustration. The game is nearing its [... Read More]

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