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Hoentey, the New-Year delicacy for Haa

The Lomba delicacy, hoentey will be served to guests during the National Day celebrations

Each household is preparing 100 pieces of Hoentey for the National Day celebrations For the past three days, Tshering Gyem and her two girls had one profound duty to perform: make the most delicious Hoentey for their new year celebrations, Lomba, which coincides with the National Day tomorrow. People from …

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Vajrayana Buddhism: A Review

A Mandala of 21st Century Perspectives: Tradition and Innovation in Vajrayana Buddhism The book , A Mandala of 21st Century Perspectives, is the proceedings of the international conference on Tradition and Innovation in Vajrayana Buddhism, held from July 1-3, 2016  in Thimphu, and published by the Centre for Bhutan Studies …

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In the steps of their forefathers


The practise of appeasing one’s protective deities is strong and deep-rooted  Huffing and puffing, five men are atop a steep climb. It is 6:30 am. They have to get into the shades of the coniferous forest before the hot autumn sun reaches them. The men are on an important mission. …

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Blacksmithing a dying art

Padam Lal Biswa

He was about 14 when he first laid his hands on the hammer and anvil. He would just be helping his father and learnt the art of shaping household tools out of metal pieces. Padam Lal Biswa, 59, is one of the most sought after metal workers in Tsirang. He …

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Some glimmer of hope

Dechen Tshomo hopes to walk on her feet one day

She was 19. A new life was awaiting Dechen Tshomo. After failing to qualify for higher education in a government school, Dechen managed to get herself employed at the Bhutan Agro Industries Ltd. in Thimphu.

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